#196 Atmosphere FX

flying through Feralas the other day working on Nat Pagel’s quest from when he was near Theramore stuck in my mind. The whole zone has a sickly green color about it. It is very unpleasant to run through. And I thought of that initial area in Tannan that was so misty and foggy you could barely see. If Legion has zones incorporating both. Then just tell me know because I will not be doing any content in those conditions. I’m not saying that Fel Green shouldn’t be used. Just keep in mind. What may look and feel awesome on your company workstation with graphics maxed out. Look like crap when you play on the settings I do.

I know it’s my problem. I should just get a new computer if it’s that bad. But I think because you, a Blizzard, have made me gun shy, that maybe Legion will not be that great,as a result of this expansion. That I am waiting to make that decision. I am waiting to see the system requirements. Waiting to see the focus of the game. Waiting to see what it will look like.

I’ve got 99 reasons to leave. But I just need 1 great one to stay and make what for me is a major financial commitment. Ball is in your court. I’m waiting over here for any news that doesn’t involve the other titles you are hyping. Because they mean nothing to me. I play WoW.


2 thoughts on “#196 Atmosphere FX

  1. I’m seriously thinking of going with a PS4 and maybe playing FF14 ARR or ESO. And just keeping a system the boy can use for home work and I can do so work on that I bring home time to time. If thing don’t improve, we’ll that’s the route I’m thinking of going

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  2. I think when it comes to the point that you really just don’t enjoy the game anymore for whatever reason, it’s actually good to walk away. I did it about 2 years ago; took a 9 month break, and when I came back I found that I really enjoyed the game again.

    You’re such a cool dude and I read through your blogs and it sounds like Azeroth just has you down these days. Maybe it’s time to take a break and go explore another universe for a while, come back with fresh eyes later on.

    I’ve gotten tired of playing outside of raid, to be honest, as have many of my guildies, so we’ve been off playing different games between raid times. Got a handful playing League of Legends, I’m out to space in EVE Online, and even have a guy off playing Maplestory.

    I hope you find some happiness in-game again, whichever game that is. ❤

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