Do we need a Legacy content NPC

I had in my head over the weekend that I thought there was something wrong with Legacy Achievements.  Certainly we all know you can go back to old raids and enter old Dungeons solo and run content, although for many, they have no clue as to where to go to do so, since for a growing number, they only know Dungeon content through use of the Group Finder.  How many recall the 3 wings of Ice Crown dungeons are above and to the right of the Raid entrance.

One thing I have had issue with for quite awhile is the reliance of Blizzard on outside web sites to convey information on aspects of the game.  Something as simple as the location of the entrance to a dungeon, or raid, or as I found out this morning the location of the NPC’s that will allow you to run the Mist of Pandaria scenarios.  I use to run the scenarios quite a bit, or at least it seemed that way, after doing one 10 or 12 times it tended to feel like a lot.  So at some point I stopped working on the achievements, figuring at some point in the future, I would just go back and do them, like so many other things I have in the past.  And the whole getting Ahead of the Curve, where if you didn’t get it by a certain point, sorry, you should have put in more time to get it issue.

One thing that stuck in my mind between Cataclysm and MoP was that once you hit 86 you could no longer use the group finder to run Dragon Soul LFR.  So of course I thought that since the Scenarios were level 90 Heroic content you used the group finder to enter, that those were off the table also.  I was looking at all the achievements I had, where I was missing just 1 part, once special circumstance that would only happen randomly.  But I found out this morning that you still can, you just need to find the NPC in the seat of knowledge and head on in.  I think of all those evenings over the last few months I sat in my Garrison, wondering what to work on, should I run some old raids for low chance of a drop mounts, or work on Archeology, it never occurred to me that I could be doing the MoP scenarios.

And I wondered this morning, should there be an old content NPC, someone in the Capital city you could talk to to search information on old content, a database of old raid locations, of the locations of old dungeons, or in the case of scenarios, who and where you have to go to, in order to run the content.  How many really know where the Swamp of Sorrows entrance is, or the Culling of Stratholme.  There is so much Legacy content to do, yet so few of us even recall riding to the entrance years ago.  I spent 10 minutes on night trying to recall where Razorfen crawls entrance was to help someone get a quest drop.  Yes, I understand they have been adding information into the Dungeon Journal, that is all well and good, but we need a “Searchable” database.


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