Quality of life wish list

I’ve read some ideas for quality of life things to be added. Tabard storage always seems to make a list.   We have seen a great many improvements in the account bound department. And I have a few of my own I would like to see. 
With the introduction of buying your game time with gold, I would like to see gold go account bound. This would be especially helpful for people that split time between Alliance and Horde characters. 

I’m the forthcoming Class Halls, I would like to be able to trade items and gold with opposing factions. 

Nobody love to farm a mount for years. I would like a mount bonus token to drop if the mount does not. Allowing you to use for a 10% increase in chance, that stacks 5 times. So if you run a raid solo 5 times you could use it prior to the fight for a 50% increased chance. I considered making it stack 10 times but then you would feel you had to run it 10 times to be a automatic I win. So still a 50/50 chance you would not get. 

I would like a Capital city NPC that you could ask about the locations of old world dungeons and raids. Even having a flag mark on your map to help you get to the entrance. 

I would like summoning stones to be available as a means of travel, once you find one you can use a Master stone located in the Capital cities to go to one you have identified for a fee double what you would pay for a flight plan. 

Searchable achievements. Oh how many times have we looked for that one we are sure we have only to forget which catagory it’s located in. 

A thought on Garrisons. The temptation is going to be very real to keep logging in to it to send out missions for gold. I’m willing to bet people will have Alt mules just running things to generate income. Even if you take gold missions out. People will still feel a compulsion to do it. I would like to burn it to the ground. Scorched earth. Abandoning the entire thing, sinking the ships. The works. With a short cinematic of all the followers and me watching it burn, and them saying it’s been an honor to serve with you commander. And they ride off. 

I’m sure I could come up with others. But I’m running late and its coffee time. 


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