Some days a picture puts things in perspective. 

This is a neighborhood at the New Jersey shore. North Wildwood. This was not even high tide which I understand is over 8 feet above flood stage. The New Jersey shore communities are use to seeing flooded streets when Nor’Easters come up the coast. Every year the Army Corp of Engineers pumps millions of yards of sand back on to the beaches in an effort to protect the coastline. It’s been sort of a running joke I have know for at least 40 years, that all the sand that gets washed away ends up in Wildwood. If you have ever been there you would understand. It feels like you walk a mile from when you first step on the beach, until you get to the ocean. In reality it is probably a few hundred yards. Late last night that home on the end wash wash into the channel and is now gone. 3 years ago our entire seaboard all the way to New York took a major hit from Super Storm Sandy. The town my in laws have a home which is about 5 feet above sea level was 7 feet under water. Their home had over 3 feet of water in the house. People that live on the coast always know there is the potential that a storm will come and they could possibly lose their home. 3 years ago they called it a 100 year storm. A storm beyond anything on the record books. Yet here we are 3 years later dealing with another storm and a Hurricane far off shore. The winds are pushing the water inland, and it is not going back out to sea. I am certain many people will lose their homes. 

Last night trying to get Archimonde down in LFR just one time so I could complete the expansion raids 1 time. I was frustrated. 90 minutes to just get in. Starting at 2 stacks of determination. Spending an hour or more wiping 4 times and only just making it to 20% with 3/4 of the group dead on that last try. I was angry at myself for not being good enough to defeat a boss in LFR, I was angry at Blizzard for trying to make what they themselves have deemed LFR to be as a tourist mode into an actual raid encounter that requires coordination, planning, and execution. Every time the tanks put markers, explained how we would all move, adds have priority. And every time due to huge AoE green bad stuff all over the area we were supposed to move to, it became a mess of people trying to stay together, having to run out. DBM notices to stack on someone, but no idea where they were. It was so off putting to me that I have sworn off raiding until Legion or beyond last night. 

And then I read this morning. That house on the end was washed away. Someone lost their home. All of their possessions. And not being able to beat a bunch of pixels seems small in comparison. 


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