I was reading Trade Chat Saturday night

I was hanging out in the Garrison, reading Trade Chat.  Someone I know who is a great person and Guild Leader for another guild was talking up that their guild was back, and that they were organizing a server race


The GM of one of our more focused raiding guilds replied to this with a F%&k you and your guild, we don’t need your stupid mount.  Yeah, trade can be like that sometimes on other servers I guess, but for ours, that had me sitting up taking notice.  There is no love lost between these guilds, last year the more focused raiding guild I will just call G, was full on working to claim the #1 spot, while they will not admit to it, they actively went after many players in other guilds.  While they say they only offered a chance to those that expressed interest in joining, I know from close friends that they actively approached people, privately of course.  And from what I have heard, even hinted to people that your guild is falling apart, you will never get a chance to raid with them.

Needless to say the discussion quickly filled with others chiming in about whether poaching is right or wrong.  I have had a few people talk to me, tell me that they were going to join them with 1 character because they wanted higher progression, and I do not have any issues if a person wants to do that because that is what makes the game fun for them.  If someone talks to my people leading them to believe the guild is falling apart, they will most likely be met with laughs, but so many other smaller guilds have been consumed by these methods.  I personally do not feel it is right to seek out people.  If they reply to a post, certainly, if they look to them to trial, or join, absolutely, but on a server as small and tight knit as our, to try to get what you need by any means so that you can claim a top spot?  I think you may need to return to that server you left years ago.  We are not that kind of server, we place community and having fun over progression at all costs.



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