Fill up your empty heart

@CM_Zarhym tweeted the other day


I mentioned I get my ideas listening to music like the above in the morning driving to work.  Oh, certainly I have a few thoughts in my head that I could probably jot down a few hundred words without to much thought.  Even this will take me about 15 minutes to write something.

So I had a guest blog post on the Alternative blog, Here talking about removing LFR.  But I think there is a point that will probably get over looked in the topic that I want to expand on.

I mentioned that what ever percentage of people beyond LFR participated in Raiding, should be the percentage of the game design.  Lets think back.  In the original World of Warcraft game.  We had 60 levels of content to complete on two continents before you could even consider the possibility of raiding, let alone attunements specialty gear etc.  It was not a feature many saw, or even considered the possibility they would see.  Come Burning Crusade we had an additional 10 levels and a whole new land with many zones, and when you think on it there were also many new players, so they had to go through 70 levels of content before a Raid, even back in the day when a Max level could run you around higher level zones and just kill things for you to level faster, it still took time.  I am sure if you did a survey you would find a very high percentage of veteran players have only been around 5-6 years.  So you are looking at a population like myself that had to level our first character 80 levels.  It took a great deal of time in comparison to today’s standards of maybe 2-3 weeks at expansion drop for an average person to cap.

So what is the issue you may wonder.  We spend a short time getting to max level, maybe a few weeks after that completing all the zones, then we raid.  But that’s it.  Raiding has become such a high percentage of the content that if you really don’t have a lot of interest in it, the rest of the expansion seems lacking in content.  Adding additional levels of difficulty to Dungeons and raids, while generating activities that take time, really are not adding more to the game outside of the instances.

Look at all the Draenor zones we went through, all the battles we won from questing, and then we walk away.  Ok, done with that moving on.  Why not have random quests occur where you are called back to defend an incursion, why not a 5 quest chain with a reward at the end, why does a faction stop at exalted.  Certainly you would not have to go back to do these if you were only interested in raiding end game, but why not have challenges pop up that could reward higher level token drops similar to what we see in Tannan, so that you could have a way to advance yourself out in the world, instead of in an instance.


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