Trying to get my mind around what is wrong with LFR Arcimonde

This lastest round of adjustments was supposed to fix some things. I even recall seeing someone say it was getting nerfed to the ground. All I can say is that after this evening, I saw no change to the fight. It is so bad, and the general feeling being in there is just resignation that you will have to wipe 6 times or more to even stand a chance. I just don’t understand.  I walked away from playing tonight. I may even start taking some evenings off from playing. I have never in 6 years of playing felt like taking time off. There was always something current to work on. Raiding should be exciting. A challenge you want to do until you got s fight down pat. Yes even LFR. You should not feel resigned to failure 6 times before you even try. 

There was no joking around, no organizing, no one placed markers. It was very depressing to see. And I made my choice this evening. I am stepping away from that fight. I am stepping away from raiding all together. If that means people look down on me because I won’t even raid LFR, or that I won’t do Mythic Dungeons, or Timewalkers. That all I do is occasionally venture out to do something old. Then so be it. 

If they have just placed Draenor in maintenance mode for the next 6 months thinking that the hype from next months Blizzcon Legion reveal will bring people back to prepare for the next expansion then they are taking a huge gamble. 

Every night I see fewer people on. Tonight I logged in to 8 people. Yes Once the raid team all logged in we were back to near 20, but in comparison we had nights of 35-50 people on at the beginning of the expansion. 

No my big fear now is that reguardless of how polished and appealing Legion may look. No matter the success of the movie. Is that there won’t be enough people left that want to play the same design for an 8th expansion.  They keep telling us that change is good. That changing up our characters so we need to relearn is keeping it fresh. But they seem to have ignored that it applies to them also. 

It’s time to reboot the whole thing. It needs a new way to play. The treadmill was great while it lasted. Time to put it out to the curb and get something new


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