It is like a family

It occurred to me this morning a minute before my alarm went off at 5am that World of Warcraft is part of a family.  Blizzard the corporation are the parents to many children if you will.  Warcraft was one of the 3 successful children, Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo.  I am sure there were many years the parents said, why can’t you be more like your successful sibling Warcraft, look at how many fans they have, look how well we live because of the money they make for the family.  But a 4th child was brought in, Hearthstone, it was dotted on, shown off to all, and was so cute, that it started having more fans than the 3 older kids.  Then Heroes of the Storm was added to the family, and people rushed to see the new arrival, now they are expecting Overwatch, and more will be looking to see how adorable they will be.

But the oldest, are no longer the favorite, they are shown some respect because of their age and for what they accomplished for the family, but it is harder to impress the parents, and their attention seems to be more on the new arrivals.  They are no longer the children in the family, they are now the grown adults working for the family business.  They have their fans obviously, but as the total amount of people available to pay attention to any one game is diluted more and more, you have to wonder, are resources being guided to more profitable titles.

Where years ago if WoW was seeing issues like it is currently, it would have been all hands on deck, we need to save this flagship.  But now it feels like they have all left for the other boats, have decided that it has to make it on its own.  It is an adult now, and being an adult is hard.  Right now it feels at least to me, that they have almost wiped their hands of the mess this child has gotten into.  And that is not what being a parent is about.  Certainly your child has made some bad choices, has fallen on hard times, but they are still your child.

I mentioned last night that it almost feels like they have put the expansion in maintenance mode, that they are all looking forward to Blizzcon, to Legions reveal, soon the PTR, the expansion release, and the Warcraft movie.  But in the interim, these next 6 months, or more, those of us that stand by through the good and the bad, have to figure out what we will do.  Do we just accept that what we have is it until they roll out the pre-expansion patch, where we get to learn all over again how to play our class?  I fear that many may just walk away, unsubscribe from the game until there is reason to come back.  I have considered a few times in this past year, whether or not I should stay.  Overall there is still a bit to do for me, still some obscure challenges left from by gone days, to work on.  But the design philosophy, trying to steer the game to be more of a competitive game, more for the eSports type player is not the game I signed up for.  I signed up because of the Wonderous Stories

Not as in depth as Final Fantasy certainly, but stories and tales were always a part of the game.  They made you feel a part of the world, like you were part of the grand tale.  Now it feels like you are the Sell Sword, the muscle for hire, your reward, a sack of gold and what ever armor you can loot off the bad guy you were hired to kill.

Sorry if I have strayed from my original thought process here.  I always have hope that something will change, that some spark will grow to a flame, that the eyes of the parents will shine on their children equally, that they will step in to help this child that has fallen on hard times.  May no longer be the favorite.

We always have to hope.


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