I have an idea and I may need your help. 

Later today I am going to venture into one of the most dangerous places in the World of Warcraft. The General forums. I have an idea. I hope it will be well received. It probably won’t be. And I will probably be ridiculed for even suggesting it. But change for the better has to start some place. Has to be with one person stepping forward to try to find a way to make things better.
Good afternoon General forums. I would like to propose an idea. I want to save LFR, to start a movement to put the game back into the hands of the people that want to play. Want to learn. Want to experience all WoW has to offer.

I  would like to propose that on October 24th. If you are part of a heroic, mythic, normal raid team. That you take a part of your team, be it 5, 10, 12 people. And queue up for the current tier of LFR. I ask this not if you want to go to show off superiority, not to make a mockery of mechanics you may find trivial, not for any reward other than the 154g you get for doing it. I would like for you to treat it, and those others there like it is a proper raid. Would like for you to outline quick explanations on how you will be kiting the boss, place raid markers, assign groups. Show all that are there that if you treat it responsibly, show respect to the players around you, that the LFR experience can be a good learning tool, can be a way for people to see the story, and maybe to take that positive experience, and perhaps strive to advance further as a raider.

I am not looking for Worlds top 10 raiding guilds to wade in an encourage bad behavior by ignoring mechanics. I am asking some of the worlds best players take a day. Show everyone that if you try, the fights are possible to master. You never know, you may find that one person with raw talent in gear that barely gets them in performing beyond their gear level.

You may get thanked for doing this. You may not. The first step to making this game we all play has to come from somewhere.

What I will pledge to you, is that on this day, I will queue for LFR, and I will do my absolute best.
Thank you for your time.




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