I am not in a good mood

Yesterday morning, I checked the Facebook group that my town has.  We are a small town of around 15,000.  The town slogan is “Where Community Thrives” We have had a Halloween parade for 60+ years.  So when I saw posted at 7am that a 3 year old was missing I took notice.  The fact the he lived 8 houses down the street from me was irrelevant.  I quickly got ahold of my wife.  She left work and went home to check our yard, under our deck, behind the garage, any place that a small child could possibly get into.  Dozens of my neighbors were searching the area.  Sadly 2 hours later he was found near the river, 8 blocks from his home.  How he got there is still under investigation.  Our Facebook group was filled with pictures of lit candles last night, a go fundme page has been set up for the mother to help with the unimaginable.


It has raised near $10,000 in less than a day, has been shared over 2700 times.  It is a true reflection on our town, and how much community matters to us.

So yesterday I was not in the best of moods to deal with reading all of the I found Pepe postings, and tuned it out as best I could.  Today they released the upcoming patch notes, and that the Moose mount that has a great deal of meaning for me would be offered as a limited time reward for doing Heroic Archimonde really struck a nerve.  You see my dad died from cancer when I was 23. His nickname in High School was Moose. I get a moose Christmas ornament every year. I was going to buy the mount from the store the day they added it. Or was going to get the collectors edition Legion of i had to. Seeing it put up as a drop from content I will never see current was a shock.  Seeing this comment from Holinka just rubbed salt into an open wound.

Pretty much hey we put a cool mount we all know you want in game, just go pay for a carry and it’s yours.  Maybe he was being sarcastic, maybe not.  I know it has been a part of the game as long as I have been playing.  Looking back on the Siege mount for Ahead of the Curve, all of my friends that pugged for weeks at the end trying to get it, only to have time run out.  And here we are again.  Do I have 100,000 gold to pay a guild for a run? Sure I do.  I am sure quite a few do.  Will I? Even with all of the personal meaning having this mount means to me?  No.

I am not going to speculate on what all of the other changes being added back in to the game may mean.  I just know that the majority of them mean nothing to me.  My computer is on it’s last legs, I no longer raid, I can barely run a Heroic dungeon at the lowest settings, and feel like a detriment to the group I am running with.  LFR seems to be something they wish would just go away, regardless of my idea to help try to save it.

I told Holinka, don’t mind me, I am nobody in game. And in the grand scheme, I’m not.  I am just someone that has played as much of the game as I possibly could for over 6 years.  I run one of the largest guilds on a combined server.  I have made so many friends in game, and through Twitter, long before Blizzard got the idea to link tweets to game achievements.  I am sure if I were to leave, there may be a few that would hate to see me go, but the game would go on.

So I apologize to any that read this, if I make any statements that offend.  I am just not in the best of moods right now.


3 thoughts on “I am not in a good mood

  1. I will not sit here and say I know what you are going through, that would be a lie. I have yet to feel that myself, but I sympathize. I am not making excuses for anyone or taking any sides but here are my thoughts.
    To my knowledge the WCDevs account, devs twitters, and the official site never stated In-Game Shop for the mount.

    Even if they had, it was not definitive. As with a lot of things Blizzard says, it is subject to change.
    From what I gather the information that it would be a store item was a datamined tidbit. Nothing concrete. This is the danger in datamining, and partly why I dislike it. Misinterpretations and miscommunication happen because of what may very well have been just a placeholder.

    They might be trying to get more people to see the content. I do not think Normals should be excluded from this however. It feels wrong. Regardless of how easy it may seem to others for some people that is their progression level and they are happy with it. They should not miss out on a mount that raiders who raid at a different level get. I do however think LFR should not be able to get this mount. Que and auto attack to get what is now a raiding mount feels wrong. And I am retired. I wouldn’t want something as unique (currently) as that to be just given away for auto shotting the boss with netflix open.

    My final point is this. Not all players need access to all mounts. I will never see the Gladiator mounts in my mount tab. EVER. I am fine with that because for starters I hate arenas. And I cannot be asked. A lot of people will never see Mythic mounts like the Iron Juggernaught or Blackhand’s Kodo (?I think it’s a kodo). And that is ok. Hell I will probably never get most of the rare mounts in the game because I really don’t care to farm. The only reason that I can see that people are mad is two fold.
    1. As of right now it is unique.
    2. They thought due to data mining or misinformation from devs(may or may not have happened IDK I am out of the loop) that it would be a shop item.

    So in summary. I agree in some parts, but not others. Just my thoughts, please don’t hate me.
    -That Guy with the Hat

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    1. I do think normal should be included. There are many guilds just struggling to survive doing even normal content. You would think after Siege ahead of the curve cut off, where so many that had raided for months just could not get it. It causes a lot of issues in guilds where some will want to push to get heroics, and others may not feel comfortable. In the end it will cause a lot of drama. May destroy a few guilds just trying to get a solid team formed. The whole, sorry you could not get it in time, learn to play better, or basically, buy gold from the game shop so you can pay a guild that is selling runs. They are pretty much saying if you have $75 you can get a mount.

      If it was just a shop item, people would buy it or not. Have they never wondered why people still run Ulduarr for achievements? Because even though the content may be trivialized by gear, doing a task with a cool reward is fun. Forcing it to be done in a certain time frame just encouraged unhealthy behavior. Look at all those that ran back to back Timewalkers just to get the mount in the first month.


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