Please stop trying to make me something I am not

Dear Blizzard,

I am not a Mythic anything.  I am not even a Heroic anything anymore.  For that matter even aspects of Normal are no longer even appealing to me.  You try.  You offer incentives, you dangle special titles, mounts, pets, beautiful looking gear sets.  You place so much up on a shelf that only a few are able to reach, with the hopes that everyone else will be willing to work hard to get it.  When you see people are not motivated to work hard immediately, you add in other motivators, tied in with Ahead of the Curve, and now For a limited time.

I guess you really do not understand me the player.  Perhaps I have spent too much time playing with people I like to play with, perhaps it is my own fault for sticking to the server I know and love, playing with people I enjoy being around, maybe I should have gone to an Area 52 or Stormrage, devoted all of my time to be one of the best, ignored all of the people I call friends. Just to play the game in a manner you feel it should be played in.  I do see now, that the game does reflect my real world.  When I was younger, I had to do all of my home repairs, had to fix my own car, because I did not have the money to pay people to do it.  If I wanted it fixed, I had to do it myself.  No matter how hard the task.  When I first started playing, I had nothing, so had to figure it out on my own, had to work hard to get everything I had.  And that meant doing things long after others had.  A great deal of things I did, well beyond a level when they were relevant.  But I did them non the less.

Adding things into the game for a set period of time may make some people happy, it may motivate others to complete something before time runs out.  For me, it just gets put into a growing pile of things I will not bother doing, not because I don’t want to, but because I do not have the time to commit to doing it in the time frame you feel it should be done.  I look around the game, at content long gone, and do you know what I see?  People doing things where the rewards are still in the game.  People still do the Argent Tournament every day, because it is something they can do when they are in the mood to do so, and come back to it a week or a month later and pick right up where they left off, there is still a reward for putting in the time to do so.

I honestly don’t know if you are using this as a means to see if people are willing to make that push to get a prize, or if you honestly feel like you are doing what everyone wants.  But for me, all you keep doing is pushing me further and further away from wanting to do anything at all.  I stay in this game because of friends and family.  I suspect a great many of the few that remain do the same.  We have a massive amount of time invested in characters and the game, and it is upsetting for many to even consider walking away.  But if you continue to keep pushing for many of us to push ourselves in this game into unhealthy levels, just to meet a goal in a set period of time, then you will see me saying farewell to the game I love, to all of the friends I have made.

I would hate to see the crowd for the expansion after Legion to be this.



One thought on “Please stop trying to make me something I am not

  1. Some rewards stay. Some are time limited. Some can be done by everyone. These time-limited rewards are nothing more than special skins to show that you did the content while it wasn’t trivialised by outgearing. I’d prefer the achievements remained but with “Must have gear lower than x level” on them, but that is just a minor quibble.

    Ultimately, if you want a moose mount, other moose mounts will be available. They have gone to the effort to create and animate the skeleton. It will be reskinned into at least 5 different mobs, 2 pets, 4 mounts (one of which is mechanical) and a raid boss.


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