Yeah about that moose again 

Yeah still about that Moose. But aside from my personal reasons for wanting.

In a few days the quest drop and all the quest text and tie ins to the next expansion and if there is a cinematic will all be dropped on the PTR, and our illustrious 3rd party sites will be all over it like flies on a corpse. We will all know what is there, what you will have to do to complete the quest, all the Lore behind it, and the surprise will be over.
Except a lot of people don’t read your sites. They sometimes will read patch notes, and if it catches their eye may read something on the desktop launcher. I am sure that as many people that are cheering the decision or condemning the mount placement there are a vast number that really don’t have a clue it was even going to be in the store.

I do suspect that at some point in the future it will be. I also have a suspicion that they may even lower the requirement to a normal kill also. I’m probably wrong.

I think that Blizzard has made a decision. They are, and have been focusing and trying to encourage WoW to be more of a competitive sport than a game involving social interaction. They are focusing more on doing interviews with notable a Twitch streamers around the globe that a great many of us have no clue who they are. Because we do not play in that portion of the game. I will admit, seeing a video does allow you to see expressions and to interpret inflections and tone. But a lot of us do not watch the videos. Maybe some listen to favorite pod casts, myself I prefer to read. For me if its not in written form I will probably not know, or even seek the information out.

They have created 3 titles, once Overwatch is released, that are competition driven, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch. Yes I know Diablo, Starcraft, and WoW all have their competitive aspects.

As many of us that just want to play the game in our own way, at our own speed struggle to figure out why more and more of our friends are not logging in, why we keep seeing things placed in the game for short periods of time. When they had an entire expansion with the damn Panda telling us at least once a day, Slow down, Life’s to short. That they keep trying to encourage bad playing habits.

Maybe I have been looking at it all wrong. Maybe they are not trying to break the casual players that want to do more outside of raiding, that last I checked we still subscribed, and still log in every day.

Maybe they are trying to break raiding. Finally had enough of the you make the raids to simple crowd. So they gave all those that demanded it what they wanted. Even are tossing in an advanced hint at Legion and a special snowflake mount.



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