The bottom line. 

That line that companies never want to admit exists. The point they reach where they just say that’s it. We cannot justify it anymore. 

Many many years ago some young guys got together and made computer games. They probably had no clue of what it would all become years later. That what they started would become part of a global endeavor. They were probably thrilled they could scrape by and pay bills and get to create and play games. I’m sure all of us at one time have thought how cool would it be to be able to play video games and make a decent living doing it. 

Flash forward 20 odd years, these boys are all grown men, while at times they may act and behave like man children, they are the principles in a billion+ dollar a year corporation. They have hundreds to thousands of employees world wide, they have things like payrolls, health insurance, investor meetings, stockholder reports. All of those things they probably never wanted or expected to ever have. 

I am not defending their actions, or the business model they are choosing to take. That is their call. They will either succeed and come out on the other side bigger than they are now. Or they will fail. They are taking a big gamble putting a lot of their chips into the competitive gaming ring. Maybe they have looked at it as 10 years was more than a good run. Every year there are more and more challengers stepping up to knock them down. Maybe they have not hit the bottom line, but they can see it off in the distance. 

They are not a bunch of nerdy programmers that have an idea for something really cool. These are now grown men and women that see their retirement in the near future. They looks around the offices and see people they have worked with for years. I do think they care about the people that work for them. Just as I know they probably realize they are only 2-3 bad ideas away from success or ruin. 

As far as notable CM’s leaving goes?  I do not feel it’s writing on the wall. They have probably reached a point in the company where they just cannot advance any further. And you as an adult have to decide. Do I want to do this job just as it is for 30 more years, or do I want to take all of the knowledge and experience learned and advance further, but it would have to be with another company. Maybe their were voluntary cut backs. Who knows if phone calls were made on employee behalf. They exist at a level in corporate America not many see. 

I do honestly hope they know what they are doing. That they will shrug off all the bad impressions people have of the current game, learn what went right, what went wrong, who’s voices to listen to with why they leave, and perhaps try to fix things before others do. 

We all have wants and desires for how we enjoy playing. Many of us have years invested. We just have to hold out hope that our desires are the same moving forward. 


2 thoughts on “The bottom line. 

  1. I might be wrong but isn’t competitive gaming more or less the primary reason that Blizzard became the behemoth that it is today. Ever since they accidentally discovered e-sports with Starcraft, their first question has always been “How can we turn this into a competitive gaming event”

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    1. Probably. I think competitive gaming was always a small thing years ago. But more recently it has gained momentum worldwide.

      Maybe that is the future for all games. It’s just a bitter pill to swallow when one you love is moved more towards that goal when it is not interesting to you.

      Maybe a lot of their games are better suited for it. Perhaps they are even happy with WoW only having 3 million subs playing at competitive level. Legion I feel is going to be a big decision for them in the design direction moving forward.

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