It’s Wednesday

So I just finished reading WoW Wednesday Here there be good reads written by @AlternativeChat and the comment

This MMO is slowly evolving into something less competitive and far more casual than it has ever been at any point in its lifespan.

really gave me some hope.  Earlier I read something posted by @Atanae, a comment by @AlexZiebart

CR2nI-4WcAAoGxu.png large

and that really hit home for me. I do occasionally enjoy jumping in to raid.  But it is not something I really want to do all the time, 2-3 days a week, not counting hours farming mats for buffs and gear.  I like to play All of the game.  Reading what was said, the image that came to mind was the little boy holding his breath to get what he wanted.


You have a choice when players don’t really want to play the game you have designed.  You can hold your breath and turn blue in the face all you want.  But eventually we hope you will stop, take a deep breath, and really take a look at what we are asking for.

Back in the 50’s a company stated this,

details of its styling and specifications were the result of a sophisticated market analysis and research and development effort that would essentially guarantee its broad acceptance by the buying public when it is introduced

Ohhh, they did lots of research and stuff.  Well Ford learned when they unveiled the Edsel.

I’m not saying that Draenor was Blizzards Edsel.  I am saying that sometimes market analysis, research groups, even analyzing exit surveys may not reveal what your buyers want.  They run the biggest gamble, spend a great deal of time coming up with ideas, ways they think they may be received, and for the most part, they do a great deal better than many of their competitors.  Putting all the eggs in one basket, putting too much focus on getting us out of Capital cities, or places like the Shrine had good intentions, but giving us our own personal home base in the Garrison, ended up back firing.  Putting a great deal of focus on Raiding, even making the decision to have Mythic be strict 20 player, ended up not working out as well as planned.

I can only hope that these last few months have been a wake up call, that while they may not be communicating as much as they have in the past, that they are reading in secret.  Trying to find out what all of those of us that remain are saying.  Legion seems to look like it is pulling out all of the stops, hopefully they will not just rush it out the door to meet the movie release, and hold it back if doing so gives a better product.



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  1. The other Ford quote that gets thrown around, though, is Henry’s “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘a faster horse'”.

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