Long Long Time ago……………

A long time ago, on a blog that is long gone, I wrote that maybe Raiding is a dead horse.  Maybe it is.  Maybe it has been for quite awhile, we just keep trying to jump start it back to life.  There is a great deal to say about nostalgia.  I am sure a great many players that have been around for many years, recall the 40 player raids, the shear epicness of putting together such a massive group, trying to coordinate strategies that would make most raid leaders today cringe at the thoughts of the task.  Maybe the downfall did start near the end of the Burning Crusade.  Why would Wrath go to 10/25, why in Mists did we see Flex level difficulty, Flex size, why Mythic 20.  Why not 15, why not 30.  I believe they had said Mythic would be 20, no more, no less, and now we see cross realm Mythic is now opening, is the next iteration Flex size Mythic 15-25 players?

We all see the issues with LFR.  And it is not the people that honestly want to be there, the majority of the problem is the people that don’t want to be there.  Or they are there because they feel they need to be to complete some task for their Legendary.  I think people are just tired.  Tired of the endless Merry go Round of level, dungeon raid, level dungeon raid.  I think back on the 6-7 months I initially played, where the concept of even raiding seemed so far off to me that it was not even a consideration.  And I think I had more fun playing because I had to go look for things to do that I could.  I have lost the focus of the world, because I have been steered into the instance.

They put so much focus on running Dungeons of all sorts of levels of difficulty, have put focus on Raiding, at all sorts of difficulties.  But they are forgetting the first word in their game title.



of Warcraft.

There is a whole world out there.  The focus has been for some time now, for all of us to skip past the entire world as fast as possible, to get to level cap, to accumulate the gear we need to get into the raids.  And we have lost sight of the world.

Legion is taking us back to Northrend, and soon beyond to new zones.  And many of us will just reset our Hearths to a new location that has portals, and plan out where our new home base is, only to focus on what is new and shiny and lose sight of all that has gone in the past.  And maybe that is a missed opportunity.  During Mists we returned to Azeroth to continue the fight to the gates of Org,  Maybe we should have opportunities to beat back incursions in Arathi Highlands, maybe we need to hold the line at the Thandol Span, maybe Orcs and Trolls and Blood Elves need to step up to defend the Gates of Iron Forge.  There is an entire world that content can be added to.  Looking through Ulduar last night I saw many places where there appear to be doors to potential areas never used, under Wyrmrest Temple, portals never implemented.

There is an entire world to use, we don’t need to be locked away in an instance.  Raiding is just assembling a group of people to defeat something.  Why does it need to be isolated being a Queue.

Zul Gurub as an instance exists in the world. Maybe the time has come to add the instance to the rest of the world.


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