What if raids were a part of the world. 

Zul Gurub is part of the world map. So is Diremaul. I’m sure there are a few others. What if instead of LFR and Normal, raids were like say an Ashran zone, or an even better example, Tol Barad.  

Think back on Tol Barad, once your faction controlled, there were Daily quests to kill thing in the zone in small crypts etc. They have worked out the tech to have mirror copies on top of each other. They have worked out playing for the opposing faction. So is it so illogical to have a dozen raid bosses scattered around a zone, that at certain intervals of time they could show up, and an automated group finder could assemble you into a group of people interested in killing a boss. 
You could have instant quests like you do for a bonus zone that awards a currency on completion. Something where if you killed something 5 times you could get a gear token that you would buy from a vendor, much like the Baleful gear we see now. And a chance that it would be Epic, or that it could be upgraded for say 10 coins. 

I am not thinking a zone as large as Tannan. Maybe the size of Wintergrasp or Zul Gurub. Bosses health would scale based on group size between 20-30 max. Once a boss was engaged the health would be set and the group would be phased to avoid random people jumping in. 

Here is where there may be some controversy. If you die, you can run back and rejoin the fight. I know. I know. That doesn’t teach people to stay out of bad. You’re right. But tabbing out to Twitter or Facebook when you’re dead doesn’t either. I am suggesting that for this level of difficulty that it be treated like a World Boss. You die you run back and you get back in the fight. People will learn if they are given a chance to do the fight from beginning to end. Those with tanking and healing off specs would have their time too. If one tank dies the system would prompt someone that can do both to Rise up and save the day, automatically switching you to your tank spec and a saved gear set. Same with healers except it would prompt when two were down. One the role was replaced it would vanish. Once the tank or healer that had died was back you would get a button to swap back. 

The point to it all is giving people a chance to learn the fights. To even give some with an off spec a chance to for a time get in there to save the day. 

The bosses would not be simple easy fights. There would be mechanics involved. Just like a Normal level raid. Once you had met the minimum gear requirement and had a set of 3 bosses down you would be elligable to choose to do the fights at a heroic level. The rewards would be a bit higher, the fights tougher, the opportunity to run back removed, tanks would be given one in game B Rez above and beyond group ones. It would not be usable if one was available in the group. Also at this level pre made groups could enter. Just like normal now. Then we have Mythic. Obviously Mythic is Mythic. Except you would be able to fill out your group with those that had the gear level to do so. And 10 heroic kills. 

I would allow people to collect upgrade coins to a weekly cap, but allow the accumulation of kills needed to advance have a 3 per week limit. So someone mid week 2 could be working on Heroic, then a few more weeks Mythic. Of course a group of 80% cloud bypass within reason. Any group that filled out they group would be set at personal loot. A full premade could use Master looter 
Anyway. Just some ideas on a Saturday morning. 
Oh and if I didn’t mention. Groups could be cross realm cross faction. And Real ID friends from either invited to make premade groups. 

4 thoughts on “What if raids were a part of the world. 

  1. Sounds like an interesting twist.

    Raid zones never used to be part of the world, ZG was put in during Cata. They went through and made everything part of the world where previously they weren’t. Even places like Zul’Farak. I like it like that. DM was always part of the outside world to some extent because of the PvP area.

    You used to be able to run back into AQ20 after you dided, possibly other raids but I remember our guild ‘zerging’ the second AQ20 boss. You’d die, run back in and die and run back in. We killed him eventually but the repairs were massive lol.

    The hard part would be keeping them relevant. The problem with any boss is having ppl around who still want to kill it after the first month. They had to nerf the celestials on Timeless Isle after a bit because there wasn’t the groups any more and ppl still needed to get their cloak done.

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    1. Well they can use CRZ tech to bolster numbers. The big thing for me would be if you want to do it, you have to physically be there. No more just hanging out waiting for a summons or to click accept. You gotta get out in the world


      1. But that’s the thing, I’m on Oceanic servers, we can’t do world stuff with the NA servers. We’re isolated. It was very frustrating trying to get the Celestials done and find out I couldn’t be on the server the raid was set up on.
        The numbers would diminish over time, although I’m sure changing the bosses or updating the loot tables could help with that.
        Some people will never take the time to go to the place they need to be. As a warlock playing for 10 years I can promise you, without a shadow of a doubt, some people will never get out in the world. The stories I could tell /sigh

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      2. Mostly trying to think of ways to get people that want to raid but with no opportunity to be a part of an organized group to be able to advance when they can. Because they put in the work.

        We shouldn’t have to use sites like open raid. We should be able to list ourselves as available, the system would know we have done the fights for heroic or higher.

        Is it perfect? No. But I was trying to find a way similar yet different than what we have now.

        Beyond this? If raiding is truly dead, then everything should be an open tag World boss we punch once a week for gear drops, and we just run 5 man dungeons. And maybe the 3 man scenarios for the story.


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