Sunday morning thoughts

When I read the back and forth between Duncan Jones and Rian on the Star Wars Warcraft movies, I went and looked. Star Wars in 38 odd years has made several billion dollars. Which has made Mr Lucas very wealthy indeed.
But when you glance at Blizzard. They near make that every year. While we may hope for movie tie ins and multi film deals, I don’t think they are looking at the revenue at all. I think they may be making a 100 million dollar plus commercial.
I don’t know if I am at all happy about the game being steered towards eSports. It might just be the final straw where I truly realize they don’t care about me as a player.
I think of all of the people that I have crossed paths with. Young people with tons of potential, that just never thought they were good at anything. Until some older guy in a guild told them, they were good. And that they should try to be the best. Even if it meant leaving our guild and going to another server.

I know a young man that plays on an older lap top, with an ok internet connection. Yet he has ranked near top in the world at times. Do I think he would have gone and tried to be better if he never crossed my path? Possibly. But I like to think that he played with the right people for a time. People that beleived in him as a player. Someone like him, would probably do very well in an eSports driven game.


I think what I am getting at is that all of these competitive players had to come from somewhere. Had to get their start in the game, in a guild. Had someone with years of experience help them get started. If we leave who will be the ones encouraging people to be better. That we know they can do it.  Because it will most likely not be me.

They removed all of the server firsts for a reason. If we see them come back, then I think that may be a first indication that the competition is on. And you will either have to play to the level and pace they set out, step aside as many rush past and try to make your own fun, or you will just not log in one day, a week, a month, and eventually log onto Blizzards site and close your account.
I grew up during that first era of competitive video game playing. I had a few trophy’s even for a few games. I remember what it was like. The hours spent playing. I will not be going down that road ever again. No matter the prize at the end.


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