Would I run LFR for just gold 

Well besides only getting gold most of the time anyway.  If you removed all of the loot, all the sub par “LFR Tier” would I still want to run it?  Yes.

Many seem to feel everything is about gear. Gear is the motivator, gear to be powerful, gear being our Legendary whatever, gear, gear, gear. I don’t care about the gear. I want to experience the content. I don’t care that it is not as challenging as Normal or Heroic, or Mythic. I don’t care if really awesome looking gear pieces drop.  I just was to experience the fights.

Last week I stepped in for a normal run. I had to say on every fight that I did not know it. I had done them once that first week LFR was open, and that was it. I do not want to use Open Raid, at this point in my WoW life, I don’t want to even pug a higher level run. I don’t need any gear from LFR, or Normal for that matter. The only upgrade I will ever see is either in the brief pre expansion time, or beyond when I am questing to 110.

I want to just be able to do something on a whim. Be it going into an old raid by myself, or grouping up with 24 strangers. I run LFR because it is what I can handle mentally.

When Heart of Fear came out I lost all desire to raid. One shot mechanics were what did it for me. Being in a bad location at a point in the fight, and instant death, sealed the deal for me. I tried to get back in for the end, to get Siege done on Normal. And a good friend invited me for 4 weeks to get everything done to the end. I did not spend the majority of time dead. Because I had done the fights a few times in LFR.

I run LFR to get a feel for the mechanics. I don’t care if they are watered down. I need to know what happens at certain points. I need to know that the floor is going to drop out, need to know what the Trains looked like. How things appeared on my screen. I am a visual learner. It might take me 5 or 6 times to pick up subtleties that many take for granted playing at the level they do.

Would I want the fights harder?  Not really. It’s a crap shoot. Sometimes you might have 2 Mythic geared tanks that know what to do, sometimes it could be people barely meeting the minimum gear. Or the supposed afk people. When everyone does what they need to its a face roll. When they don’t it gets ugly.
I want to run LFR because it is what I can do.




Thinking on it also.  Has anyone stopped to wonder why LFR/Normal/Heroic are all lumped together as one achievement?  Is it possible that if they separated them, people might just see how bad a situation raiding is in?  Sure we can see the stats on how many have completed certain fights on Mythic, there are achievements that can be scanned for it.  But for everything else there is an umbrella of you have downed these bosses on some level.  Of course there is the Ahead of the Curve, but that’s about it, as far as I know.


Some may tell me that I am doing a disservice to myself by accepting LFR as my only choice, that it is not really raiding, and I accept that opinion.  I have chosen to do what to me is somewhat challenging, allows me to learn what I can, and do offer what level of skill I have to a type of organized content that I can try to be the best I can at.  I don’t do it to ePeen flex, or show off skills.  I try to do the best I can, so that maybe, just maybe, if most others in the group do the same, we can all enjoy doing something together as a group, and have fun doing it.  I personally do not find wiping 25, 30, 50 times learning a fight to be a fun evening.  Nor do I enjoy stomping on current content like it is trivial.  I want to learn, experience, excel.  I want to feel like what I bring is an asset to the fight, not a hindrance.  Because doing a fight on Normal, or Heroic where I do not have a clue, feel my DPS is sub par, or that I cannot perform interrupts, or CC, or play with different combinations of talent builds based on fights.  I want to be experienced enough that what I can do is a help.  If that means running outdoor content until I am beyond bored with it to upgrade my gear to where it trivializes the content, then so be it.

If you want to remove LFR completely, that is fine by me.  But do not wonder why when it is gone, I am not there looking to start at Normal.  I, and I am sure a great many others, will choose to just not raid.  And when the numbers fall off to such a level as they determine it is not worth designing for, then everyone will be stuck doing the content that many of us do every day, because it is all we have.  I try to do what I can in game.  I work to get what I need to succeed in my own way.  If that means I am a tier behind, I don’t mind.  I do what I can, when I can.  And that does not have to be good enough for others, it just has to be good enough for me, good enough to keep me logging in every day, good enough to keep me subscribed.  The only expectations in this game I have to meet are my own.

So yes, I would run LFR for just gold.  Because you really don’t need to run it to get the gear any more.


7 thoughts on “Would I run LFR for just gold 

  1. “So yes, I would run LFR for just gold. Because you really don’t need to run it to get the gear any more.” You never did. LFR only ever two things: small, community guilds and the first tier of raiding (nee normal). When I started playing in vanilla raiding wasn’t something I had the time or skill to do, but I loved that there was aspirational content: something going on somewhere that was exciting and maybe one day.

    That day was Wrath of the Lich King when I cleared every tier. For raiding at the normal/heroic level LFR has made life much harder than it was in low accessibility days of The Burning Crusade, so that tell me on it’s own that something is very wrong. In Wrath we had a beautiful balance of raiding, smaller group content and flat out non-raiding content and 10 million people were happy. The introduction of LFR, the reduction in small group content and the decimation of non-raid content has led us down the path to WoD and 5.6 million subscribers (and falling).

    I don’t want to take LFR away from people for no reason. I want to take it away because it has damaged the part of the game that a lot of people enjoyed. I’d also beg Blizzard to replace LFR with something better that people, every player, can enjoy, content that is compelling and appropriately rewarding.


    1. Something happened during Wrath. Basing on a feeling of how long it would take data seen by them to working on a solution to implementing LFR as a feature. I wonder if it was before even ToC.

      Why add in rolling buffs during ICC. Was the writing on the wall way back then? I know how that time was on our server that opening in Wrath. Guild fell apart, people yelling we all wanted to be carried and leaving in droves. I wonder now if maybe raiding was declining back then. And the decision to introduce looking for dungeon, looking for raid, was the beginning of an effort to save a design goal. The goal to have organized raiding be the final part of the game.

      Those people that were there in the beginning. The pioneers of WoW. Those that had to learn it all from nothing. Most are gone, or have gotten older, have careers, family, children that are no longer babies, but now in school, with baseball, football, school plays. There is a level of commitment needed to raid. Unfortunately a great many no longer have the time, or in some cases no longer want to be that person.

      I do wonder if organized raiding will make it beyond Legion. Unless it is made a part of the eSports design, I suspect you will see more competitive 5 man content. Possibly even 3 player competitive scenarios.

      They are the only ones that know how good or bad aspects of the game are. And with so many competitors looking to dethrone them. I doubt they will ever tell us.


    2. I don’t think LFR has damaged “the part of the game that a lot of people enjoyed”, although I’m not really clear which part you’re talking about. It is decisions taken in conjunction with LFR maybe.

      The decision to only release 5mans at the start of the expac for instance. That has nothing to do with LFR but I think it is a significant issue.

      The total design direction is what is causing falling subs. LFR is a useful thing for a lot of people, I really don’t understand the hate for it. Taking it away will not push people into ‘normal’, it will be taking away something they do now that they enjoy. So to fix the damage you think it has done to the game you will do to others what you say has been done to them – damaging “the part of the game that a lot of people enjoyed”.

      Removing LFR will not restore WoW to the “glory days of Wrath”. It is the underlying design aims that meant there were no reps until very late in the WoD design. The underlying design that says “just go grind everything now”. Compare the WoD experience to the various patches of MoP. It isn’t LFR, it is the design vision that is the issue. At least where I’m sitting, as someone who does a whole lot more than raid and is no longer able to raid to the extent she previously did. What is pushing me away isn’t LFR, it is the complete dismissal of anyone who doesn’t raid as a player worth keeping subscribed.

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  2. Really agree with your post Marathal & have written something similar myself this week. I’d run LFR for no material rewards at all to be honest- I go in looking for something very different than just gear or gold. I want practice.

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      1. For me primarily practising healing within the context of mechanics/boss abilities that are over & above what you get in solo/quest content. It’s what I feel ready for and the LFRs I’ve done I’ve enjoyed, tried hard at & never AFKd in (I’d be dead six times over if I had!).

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  3. “Removing LFR will not restore WoW to the “glory days of Wrath”. Taking [LFR] away will not push people into ‘normal’.” “…it is the complete dismissal of anyone who doesn’t raid as a player worth keeping subscribed.” I wish people would quit the straw man arguments and address what I actually said. No one argues that those who don’t raid aren’t worth keeping subscribed. WoD had issues particularly lack of end game content was key: both for raiders and none raiders. That why 4.4 millions unsubscribed, newsflash, many raiders. I don;t care how fun a sliver of the player base find LFR it’s damaging for the entire game (not just raiding) and the community. That’s why LFR needs to go. It is not the only problem in WoD or the only reason for un-subscriptions since Wrath but it is one giant cesspool sucking the joy out of the best this game has to offer.


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