What would you do if it all went away. 

Seeing some comments directed at people feeling they should have gotten a Beta for Overwatch it had me thinking a bit. I can sympathies with those whose livelihood is dependent on getting in as early as possible to test out and report on games. While it may not seem like huge amounts of money to some, it is what these people do for a living. 

And it occurred to me. Any one of us are just one corporate decision away from being out of work. I have had to deal with 3 periods of time being laid off from work over the last 30 years with the company I am at. The longest was close to a year. Unemployment sucks. You have no clue if you will be called back to work, it may keep you in your home or apartment if you do nothing and watch every penny. It most certainly is not a free ride. I pay into the unemployment find out of my paycheck every week. I hope that I will never need to again. 

But those that are on the perifery of gaming, the columnists for Blizzardwatch, the bloggers writing for web sites for $20 here and there, the Twitch streamers and Youtubers. They don’t have a fall back. You can’t really go to the unemployment office and say I need to collect because my game stopped being made. 

Blizzardwatch is a good example. AOL pulled the plug, and many people found themselves scrambling to figure out what to do. Fortunately enough members of the community chipped in and got it up and running. 

We all see the pleas for help from folks in bad spots. Many try to help as best they can. But we can’t help everyone. And to be honest if a time comes when others that report on gaming find themselves without work, there won’t be many looking to offer help. 

This should be a wake up call to many. There may come a day when it is no longer there. When they decide you are not who they want reporting. Or the games may end some day. Or you get older and cannot play as well. Relish this time you have. But be aware some day when you least expect it. It can be gone


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