do they not care anymore?

Gives me an excuse to use Phil Collins.

Does Blizzard not care anymore about World of Warcraft?

I don’t think it is so much that they don’t care, but more they are afraid of it.  Afraid that at some point in the foreseeable future they will have to make a decision on what to do with the franchise.  Do they just keep consolidating realms to keep up the illusion that you are playing with a lot of people?  Do they just say, It is with heavy hearts we come to you to announce that as of X date, the World of Warcraft will be over?

Maybe I am wrong.  Maybe they do care, do want to see it go on forever.

But who lives forever anyway.

It has to end at some time, or has to be spun off into a new direction.  With the Legion expansion we will level to 120?  So when you think on it, all of those that started in Wrath, or Cata, even Mists, you will have to go through 120 levels of content if you start from level 1.  That is double what the initial game was 11 years ago.  And what is beyond that?  An interim short expansion to 125? Up to 150?  I think, and someone can correct me if I misread, or am remembering it wrong, they have said they have “Plans” for more expansions, or have “Ideas” for more expansions.  I don’t think I recall them saying unequivocally there “Will be” more expansions beyond Legion.  Oh I am sure they may have people working on the concept of what comes next, a small team planning out a story line, but full on design?  Commitment of the Art departments?

No I think they have built a decent library of templates they can draw on to knock things out much faster than they did in the past.  Yeah, I think at some point sooner than a great deal of us would ever care to see, that there will be a statement of some kind hinting that the end may be nearer than we think.


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