Can we just put the subscription numbers thing to rest please. 

Look. When it was just more recently just World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo even it may have meant something. Now with Heartstone, Heroes of the Storm, soon Overwatch, in 2 years who knows how many more titles. It is to complex a number to realistically compute with so many players jumping around from game to game. The fact that they are all paying a $15 a month sub fee for Battlenet is what really matters. They are they only people that really need to pay attention to the usage numbers. As for the investors?  If the company is exceeding profit predictions it probably doesn’t matter to them if 5 million are only playing 1 game or 5. That they are making hundreds of millions of dollars a month, is the bottom line they care about. 

If Blizzard had 50 game titles and all you did was pay $15 a month for them, would it matter if out of 100 million subs if one title was doing worse one quarter over another?  
So please just give it a rest people. There is no smoking gun. WoW is not dead. It’s not going any where soon. 


One thought on “Can we just put the subscription numbers thing to rest please. 

  1. I do hope that we get some sort of historical numbers when get the Blizzard switch to reporting their engagement metrics. Businesses are supposed to go back a couple of years when they chance accounting method so allow investors to make a fair comparison over the company performance. It would be a shame if Blizzard didn’t take the opportunity to do something similar since the whole point is supposed to give us an insight into the health of WoW.

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