0.1% – 1

I feel that even with the hype for Legion, the excitement, the shifting of focus, that by next summer, we will be down to 3.5 million players. When you take that number and multiply by 0.1, the result is 3,500. And I hazard a guess that number is fairly close to the number of people who write about WoW. 

And this morning well, I should say prior to Friday’s Blizzcon launch, that number was reduced by 1. I know of at least one person that is going to yell at me and tell me to just step away, cool off, give it a break. But I feel that I no longer can. 

I have felt for a long time that the written word is becoming a dieing art. That it has become more of a podcaster that people can listen to on their drive to work, twitch streams, YouTube. Those that can write every day. Can scrape together enough of a cohearant thought to knock out a thousand words on a subject are truly rare. For my own good. I am stopping. 

I have a great deal to read up on as Blizzard  puts together the notes from the convention. Have a lot of decisions to make. And a great many thing to look at to decide if I am spending $40 next Summer, and if I should even spend the hundred odd dollars between now and then. Writing about my thoughts on the game is not something I need to do. I especially don’t need a repeat of something I wrote being used against me. I question my views enough as it is without someone using what I wrote and turned around to have a meaning different than what I meant by it. 

I may use this forum as I always have to express things in a way that 140 characters limits. But for now, and the future. Rambling thoughts has been set to private, and is archived away where only I can look back on a part of my life.

Thank the 35-40 of you that occasionally read what I wrote, thank you for the positive comments made. I hope to read more of your own work now. 


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