Do all voices matter, Shadowpriest preview inmpressions

@Celestalon I hope that what you said is true, that all voices matter.  I will share my thoughts on what I have read, my impressions and how I interpret what has been written.  I will say, that I am about as far as you can get from a theory crafter, I tend to learn by practice and intuition.  Creating a rotation that involves a high level of complexity is not anything I have ever been able to master, but I have found myself able to hold my own against others, when given an idea on a simplified manner to achieve similar results.  In short, I choose what feels right, and play better because it feels right to me.  Which I am hopeful is what you intend.

First off, I would like to say thank you for making an effort to overhaul the Shadow spec.  I do feel I am not alone in my feelings that this is long overdue.  I know that Shadow has always been an odd duck to balance and figure out. Are we a damage dealing healer, are we a DPS class, are we something in between. That you are making the effort is very much appreciated.

Changing from a Shadowpriest to a Voidpriest as it were.  First off, Thank you for getting Vampiric Touch back into our rotation.  Ever since the introduction of Mind Spike, it has always seemed, at least to me, like a very unshadowy spell.  A spell that removed our DoT’s has always felt wrong to me.  Also the, for lack of a better description, the whack a mole way of playing, press the flashing buttons really hard when they light up, was very jarring for me.  It had no flow, no continuity.  It was reacting as fast as you could to prompts.  There was always an art to getting into a groove with all of our Damage over time spells, learning the fights, learning when to anticipate having to cast early, having all of them up and rolling just prior to having to move.  I have noticed, and I did see a comment from others that Devouring Plague seems to have gone missing, and I do not see Mind Spike, another of our Mind Spells.

Mind Spells become Void Spells. Void Flay, Void Blast, but what of Void Sear?  Will we have a Void AoE spell, will multi-dotting several targets have us quickly jumping to Void spec, and becoming so over powered that we will need considerable adjustments and tuning.  I think back to ICC, and going from memory a long time ago, was there not an issue with us doing too well with AoE, would it be necessary to cap our damage.

Our haste jumps 2% ever second we are in Void form, will our DoT’s cast after entering snap shot the Haste level when cast?  Will they gain additional ticks as our haste climbs?  I can see a need to require all DoT’s to be refreshed in that 20 second period after Void wears off.  Which brings another issue to mind.  Can I cast Oblivion during that 20 second period. And if so, will my haste start building from the level it is currently at which would be incredibly high.

I can see from my point of view, that casting Oblivion would be almost a must on a pull when Heroism/Bloodlust is cast, we will be at maximum power right at the start of a fight,however, we will most likely be pulling a great deal of aggro too.

The healing aspect from Vampiric Touch is good to see.  I reminds me of the times I spent early on in my playing career raiding in Wrath.  Being self sufficient, less of a burden on the healers, always made me feel like I brought something extra to the raid.  I am curious what will happen to a great deal of our other abilities.  Vampiric Embrace, our Dispel Magic, Dispersion, Fade, etc.  And what of Void Tendrils, since we are now controlling power from the void will they become more powerful.  Will they become an extension of our Void Form.

Mostly I am hoping that you do not do all of this rework to make us a class that is boring as watching snail race to brief spurts of button mashing.  The level of complexity that appears to me, for trying to figure out what manner I would need to cast and refresh spells is beyond my knowledge of mathematics.  I can see that this would have a great dependency on some form of add on program to help track all that is going on, to clue you in to when you would need to refresh at the end.  I do not play on a great computer. I use as few add on programs as I possibly can, I play on the absolute lowest settings possible, and I do experience input lag since our servers are now on the West Coast and I am on the East. I have excellent connection speeds for all around my area, unfortunately, I have to go from near Philadelphia through New York before heading west, and the drop off in New York is noticeable.  That I can see myself a full second or a bit longer from what I see on my screen to my wife’s playing right along side me, shows that I have issues that many do not have.

I am an older player, I am part of the Pong/Atari generation, my reaction speeds are a lot slower, and the level of complexity that has been added to the game has driven me further from raiding or even wanting to experience more than the basic content.  Having a fluid rotation, one that through practice can allow you to develop muscle memory, to have a feel for casting is very important to me.  Many may say that just makes it boring and dull.  I think it is more of a challenge to learn your casting and not be standing in fire expecting healers to keep you alive.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.  I hope that the re-design of the class is exciting to me as a player.  I play a Shadowpriest.  That is it.  I do not have an army of alts that I spend hours playing.  I have one character I focus on.  Feel free to look me up on the armory, Marathal US Borean Tundra.

Thank you for your time.


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