Just when I thougth I was out…..They pull me back in

Here I had convinced myself, that writing about WoW really had no impact, that not everyone’s voice mattered, even was very skeptical when @Celestalon tweeted back to me

So of course they would pick yesterday to come back to Social media after what seemed like a very long time indeed, and on top of that, I had this waiting in my notifications.


Now while I still may feel that as a player, I am more of an outlier, in what I do in game, but I do also realize that they cannot please everyone.  And I am OK with that.  That they are truly listening, even to some no name player like myself, that linked a blog post asking questions, has changed my mind.

So just want to say this morning, thank you to whoever made the decision to allow the Dev’s and CM’s to interact with us once again, I hope that we do not blow this opportunity to discuss things like human beings.



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