Yeah we’ve got trouble


With a capital T that rhymes with…..  Oh, well lets just say with a capitol T.



No not that T.

This one


Yeah, there is a problem.  I know, Mara you dirty casual.  There is nothing wrong with Timewalking, you are just a bad player wanting to ruin the nostalgia for the rest of us.

This is what I saw many, many times last night.

An endless stream of players running back to the dungeon after wiping, over and over again.  Surely it must have been a fluke, just a random occurrence, but I saw this repeated many times over a few hours.  Was it because people just did not know what to do?  Were they just trying to ignore mechanics to get it done as fast as possible?  Yeah you could probably attribute that to a group or two, but not to this level.

So what do I feel wrong.  I know these dungeons, I have run them many times at all levels of gear.  I remember the initial runs in Blue gear, to the end when I out geared them so much I could hold my own with the entire party dead.  The problem I saw was not that the mechanics were there, but that the counters to them are no r in the game, or have been changed to suit current content and just don’t work.

How would you approach killing adds when your Shaman tries to CC an add, and nothing, your Mage tries to Sheep, nothing, your tank that actually knows what they are doing and has marked targets asks you to Mind Control one like you did so many times in the past only to have to tell the Tank, I don’t have that ability any more.

The problem I see is not in the bosses, they seem to be relatively straight forward, I have yet to wipe on one when people do what they are supposed to be doing.  I am sure the Dev team has looked at the bosses, made what tweaks they felt were needed, and called it a day.  The adds are a huge problem.  Enough so that I will do my 5 Timewalkers, then walk away.  If as has been suggested MoP dungeons will be next up in the queue? I may just pass on them all together.  If someone in Anaheim has decided that each class should have a set level of gear to do the content, but also to make it something of a challenge, then that is a problem.  Maybe a lot of us wait to do Heroic dungeons until we are that 10% better, we don’t want to be the underperforming player causing wipes.

When I zoned  my first last night, it was already underway in Grim Batol, the one person that had stayed on the first boss said they wiped a few times then everyone left.  Then we found out, none of the previous had ever done it when it was current.  So we explained a few things, and got through the whole thing, with only a few deaths to things, once again, that we had no counter for.

I think if this is a feature they will be utilizing more in the future they should be looking at the whole dungeon.  What was in place for mechanics before, which have been removed. Then, maybe you can tweak the difficulty up a touch.

Also they really should allow people to gear for it.  When the Wrath dungeons came along, I had a full set of Heroic ICC tier, did not have any piece lower than 264.  I enchanted everything, I dusted off 18 gems for sockets.  And I did no better than if I just kept on the current gear I had. Back in the day at level 80 I would have crushed the dungeon. Maybe they don’t want that, maybe they are trying to establish that sometimes you have to just deal with what is given to you.  Unfortunately the backlash will be when people like myself look at it, and say it’s not worth it to me.  And if they are utilizing this feature to fill a void of content, then the void will still be there for me


3 thoughts on “Yeah we’ve got trouble

  1. Interesting. I have had a completely different experience with TW dungeons. While it is true that some of the techniques we used in them when they were current no longer work, I guess I have been lucky enough to be in groups that knew the mechanics and thus could figure out workarounds to defeat them. But you point out a weakness, which is that it can be a pretty steep learning curve for groups who are running them for the first time. Also, the fact that they are old content tends to encourage the go-go-go mentality, which can be fatal. If people have not run them before, they need to take a few minutes and at least read the dungeon journal to get an idea of what they are facing, then take the time to apply some intelligent tactics to the trash and bosses. Being in a group that refuses to do this has got to be extremely frustrating.

    I don’t usually go to much effort to change out gear when I run them. Like you, I don’t see that it makes a significant difference. Sometimes it’s fun to dust off old gear you have saved for sentimental reasons, but that’s about it as far as I can see.

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    1. Yeah, we were frustrated when we know what to do, and nothing was working. Eventually just forced focused the worst adds, wipe fest until it was manageable then no issues. Bosses were simple compared to trash.


  2. Your post gives me hope that these won’t be faceroll easy when I try these at the weekend. I hope you’re right and that my group will have to engage brain’s rather than the zerg test the TBD and Wrath TW dungeons are.


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