What if Legendary Items were awarded for being a good person

What if these super powerful legendary items we are seeing data-mined were not some 0.000001% World drop, but a reward that Game Masters could hand out.

What if they randomly chose areas out in the world to wander about, occasionally finding themselves in a spot of trouble, asking for help in zone chat, or in General/Trade in town.  And they recorded the names of a few people that stepped up to help with no expectation of reward, and after a review of their account to make sure it was not just a fluke, sent them a reward.  Do I think that it would miraculously change the player base if they knew they could get a prize for being a good person? Absolutely not.  People will be people.  They are either the type of person that enjoys helping others, dropping what they are doing to help someone they don’t even know out, or they are not.  You could put on an act for a period of time certainly, but not indefinitely.

There are so many people I know in game that do things for others without blinking an eye.  People that will answer questions posed in General/Trade, even though they know it is someone trolling.  They will send battle pets to people having a hard time beating a pet tamer, would jump into Wintergrasp without any PvP gear to help.  There are so many great players that go unnoticed, not for being a world ranked player, not for being Worlds first anything.  Just for being a decent human being.  And I am sure if you asked them, they don’t do it for any notoriety, or special treatment.  Sometimes people do things just so another persons day is a little better.

I am no WoW saint. I am sure over 6 years there have been people that have taken issue with me.  Possibly misinterpreted words, maybe because I booted out a friend of theirs that was stealing from the bank, maybe they just didn’t like me.  But that does not stop me from trying to do the right thing for people if they need help.  Making enchants for people and not expecting anything in return.  I’m not perfect.  And honestly if I ever logged in one day and found some awesome item, I would most likely give it to someone in the guild.

But I think it would be kind of cool for things to end up with people that really never would expect it.  I know it would never happen, but even if it made one person think twice before putting another person down for asking a question, or offering to help someone questing, or grouping up for things that require more than 1 player, then it is an idea that to me has some merit.


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