I may be bored, but it’s my fault…



There is a great deal of things I could be doing.  Working on old stuff, running Mythic Dungeons, Raiding, Challenge Dungeons, heck even LFR for Valor.  And yet, I do none of it.  I log in for a time, do all my garrison running about, maybe make something crafted.  It’s Tuesday, so I will have Kazzak to run on my 2 level 100’s for Felblight to sell.  And I will hang out for a bit, read guild chat, read trade, glance at MMO-Champion, or Blizzard Watch, read for a bit.  And log out.

The alternative gearing model has left me in decent shape to go into the expansion.  I’m just above 700.  And I know what will happen very quickly once the pre-patch drops, we will see some green quest gear a bit better than what we may currently have, and we will jump on the treadmill once again.  They have taken the gearing compulsion out of the equation.  And it has left me bored.

Certainly I could be doing Heroic raids, could possibly get in a pug group to get the Moose mount, I could be running Mythic Dungeons certainly.  But the problem I have is they do not grab me.  I am not excited to run them.  When I see the Timewalker Dungeons come up, I know I should be filled with excitement at having an opportunity to run them again, and yet I don’t.  Because I ran them so many times in the past that doing them all over again at a level comparable to when they were initially available has no thrill for me.

I think looking at it all, is that I have exhausted the story.  Doing the content when it first comes out, clearing it at a level I can handle at my skill level, it’s enough.  I don’t need to run dungeons on Normal, then Heroic, then Mythic, and Challenge mode versions.  It is the same dungeons to me.  The gear drops MIGHT, be a touch higher than what I have.  But I really don’t need the gear for anything.  If I so desire, I can go anywhere in the world old or new content, by myself and be a force to be reckoned with.  But I rarely leave the garrison.

The story, the people, the idea of Warcraft still keeps me subbed.  And I know that it is not Blizzards responsibility to keep me entertained.  I keep logging in every day, even if only for a short time, and keep sending out my Missions.  I hope they learned many valuable lessons, just as they have learned in the past. Not every change or feature suits every one.  Some times it’s not the games fault but our own.

I’m bored.  And it is my fault


2 thoughts on “I may be bored, but it’s my fault…

  1. I am one of a probably small number of people that actually likes the time waiting for a new expansion. That is when I permit myself to do whatever I want in the game, a freedom I do not grant myself at the beginning of an expansion when I am madly chasing level, gear, gated content, etc. on my main. But during the waiting time, I play around with my alts, spend time chilling by leisurely farming and listening to music, have interesting chat sessions with guildies, go back and explore old content, make some gold on the auction house, lots of things. My failed goal for years has been to achieve that same end of expansion mindset at the beginning of one!

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    1. I think a lot of people may be looking at how they play at the start coming up. Looking at why we all race to cap then wonder what to do.

      I have a feeling I will be taking a lot longer to get to 110


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