Will you still be here in September

So an informal, based on no data other than asking an opinion of a few people is that

“Yes Virginia, we will indeed have to wait until next September”

Which is a very cold and sobering statement to me.  9 months.  Now granted some time around mid to late August we will see the pre-expansion stuff roll around.  But I have to wonder, will there be people still here to play the new.  Yes I see all of the excitement for what is coming, all of the positivity about improvements and changes, but will it be what is needed, but too late.

I am still looking for system requirement information, still need to know am I paying $60 for an expansion, or is that going to have a $1200 price tag added to it.  Looking at what I do now, log in for a few minutes to collect gold and hang out to see what is going on, I don’t know if I can justify $140 between now and then just sitting in my Garrison.  Now granted, I could be raiding, could be getting into PvP, leveling an army of alt’s, working on old content.  If they are gambling on being able to play Hearthstone, Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and Overwatch, then they have lost me.  I have absolutely zero interest in any other games.  And if the hope is that sure we expect we will see a mass drop off, but they will go play other games and be back next year, then that is a gamble you will lose on me as a consumer.  Perhaps I am an exception.  But the damage done to a lot of people as I have seen the comments to our faith placed in the company leaves very little room for taking a chance.  There are many many games, all out there trying to entice us away.

I am here.  And there are a few unique circumstances that keep me here, but as more and more negative aspects get added, the scale is tipping.  I certainly hope you have a solid plan in place, because unlike many other people, once you have lost me as a customer, I do not come back.


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