Our cognitive ability to process

Without getting into a whole lengthy discussion citing articles and case studies.  In a nut shell, every time we go through a change in the way we need to play the game, we are forcing our brain to change.  To analyze and interpret the data coming in so we can react to it.  In order to continue doing something we love to do, we need to relearn a method of processing information.

I look back on when I loved to play my class.  How I played for 80 levels, learned as I went, established a set way to think and interpret what I saw, into reactions.  When Cata came along I was still learning so it was not much of a readjustment to my thinking process.  But.  Where in Wrath I spent 2 years learning and leveling, and continued for the first few months in Cata, eventually the thought process became ingrained.  When Mists came along it meant relearning a great deal and as a result as the expansion progressed my brain disliked having to scrap a way of thinking to learn a new way, one that involved processing even more data, keeping track of more things.  By the end of Siege, it was in a relatively happy place.  It had come to terms with the new way of thinking.

Now we have Draenor, and a whole new set of rules, more things to balance, more options, more, more more.  And honestly my brain did not like it.  How dare I make it forget all it had grown accustomed too over time yet again.  I honestly believe my mind is tossing up barriers to doing certain content, in rebellion of having to come to terms with a new way of thinking.  Looking at all it will have to process and saying No, not gonna happen.  Especially when I know in less than a year, we will go through it all over again.

Maybe for some it is exhilarating, forcing their mind to think in new ways.  For me it is too much.  I can learn to play well, if I have a set method to play.  Eventually I will develop muscle memory for rotations and casting based on months/years of playing a certain way.  Changing things up and playing with different classes and styles may suit many, but not me.  My ability to process cognitively is not on par with many others.  Maybe what some say is true.  Learn to play better.  I can, but I cannot at the same pace as you.  That I need to relearn every 2 years is not an easy task.  That I rather than not let myself use several add on programs as a crutch to help process the information faster, but choose to learn at a pace that better suits me is my choice.

When you step back and decide, I don’t have to keep up with everyone else to enjoy playing the game, you come to an understanding that eventually you will see and do it all.  The true choice, is not in what talents you pick to play, but choosing the speed at which you play at.  There will always be those racing ahead, rushing to be the first.  But do they get any more enjoyment racing by, than the person that takes their time and plays at their own pace?  We all want to play well.  It just takes a bit longer for many of us to learn a new way to do things, that allows it to still remain fun to us.

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