An idea on time sensitive mounts

I have seen a few comments recently about the time sensitive mount drops.  Once a Raid tier is over they go away for good, and that it encourages bad behavior.  And I do have to agree.

For those not in higher level progression guilds it starts off as a possible goal, but as time goes by, it becomes more of a race to complete before time runs out.  People will pressure their raid teams to push harder, add additional days to the schedule so they can get the reward, eventually teams fall apart near the final weeks as everyone goes off to try their hand at pug groups.  Or will hand over a large amount of gold to some group selling mount runs.  And to me that kind of defeats the entire purpose of completing something with a group of friends.

So I had a thought.  While a tier is current, allow things to go on as normal.  The highest skilled will have the reward soonest, will have the bragging rights, will sit on the steps to the bank showing off their new rides.  Once the tier is complete, allow people to still get the mount “IF” they down the boss on what ever difficulty it may require “as a guild group”.  Those that down the boss get the mount drop.  But also have it unlock as a guild mount available for purchase from the guild vendor for say 1000 gold.

We all do not have the same level of skill, do not have the same amount of time to commit to the game, do not play to the same pace as those that raid as their main focus, do not all participate in the same activities in the game.  Some love raiding, some Arena, some may only love to quest on 20 Alts, many love pet battles, and even a few enjoy playing the Auction House game.  There are so many things that have been introduced that are fracturing the community feel of the game.  Plenty has been added to allow people to play solo with random groups.  And that’s ok.  Not everyone wants to be a part of a guild, has a schedule that allows them to be a part of a raid team.  Or even likes raiding.  But one thing we all love is collecting things.  We collect Mounts, Pets, vanity gear, achievements, all sorts of things.

What I would like to propose is that once a tier is over, the mounts become still available as a drop for killing the boss, that Arena teams that can unlock a mount, that it becomes a part of the guild reward system.  I would like to see Rare pets put in if someone in the guild reaches the highest level of pet battling, lets add in rewards to acknowledge that the work was done, by the guild, or a member of the guild.  Is it fair to the person that wants to play alone?  Yeah I guess that is still an issue. Its a system full of flaws, and I am sure I will probably have a few comments pointing out major holes, or pointing out that it is a reward for just participating.

But you know what?  It is a reward for participating.  It is a reward for being a part of a group that has done something.  The vast majority of guilds do not consist of just the members of a raid team.  There are dozens, hundreds of people in guilds that are there every day, they are running dungeons as a guild group to earn money for the guild to cover repairs, that enjoy faring up materials for flasks, or food buffs, that will make the enchant for a member of the raid team if asked, because they are a part of the guild.  They may not have the skill to fight a boss on heroic level.  They may need to be 20 levels higher than a raid to even feel comfortable entering as a part of a group.  Their contributions to the guild, and the server community are just as valuable as the small percentage that raid to a level you need to get a reward.

Back in the day, before my time, entire servers needed to work together in order to unlock the gates, with Isle of Thunder we all had to advance the story together in order to unlock more content.  We need more ways for our guilds, and server communities to work together for rewards.  Placing things in game that are gone after a brief time really do encourage unhealthy behavior.  We need more things to encourage everyone to be a part.  From the strict 20 man Mythic raid guild with 20 members, to the social guild with 900+, to the person that just goes about things in their own way.  If we were all in the real world, and some mahoosive alien fleet attacked us, was attacking our towns, our neighborhoods, would we just let a small group go at it and hope for the best?  No.  We would all do what we could.  Some would certainly be looking to get into the fight, but others would be needed to defend things, to support those fighting.

I don’t think it comes down to just everyone wanting to feel like a special snowflake because someone else did something before them.  It is a basic desire to feel like we are all a part of something much bigger.  That maybe they were not there that first year of kills on a boss, or that they came in at a later date and completed the fight with friends and guild mates, but that they played some part in the success to kill off the bad guy.

When you place a reward at a certain level of difficulty, yes you may have a small percentage that will rise to the challenge that may not have in the past, but you are also forcing people to make a hard decision in whether or not they want to even try.  Myself personally?  I know I am not on a level that is needed to do Heroic content, despite what programs may say that in my gear I should be doing Heroics.  I know my level of skill, I know what time I have to commit to the task.  And I am not there.  So I will not waste the time of 9+ others looking to be carried to get a reward.  But at some point after Legion is underway, and others are working on the new raids, I will go in to Hellfire, and will probably get my full run on at least Heroic difficulty.  But I will do it with my guild, and I will be doing it with friends.  Would it be great to get a mount drop a year from now?  Sure it will.  But it being there or not will not make any difference to me.  But I know that for many it does.

I have rambled to long here.  Lets just leave it at, we need fewer ways to encourage unhealthy behaviors, and more ways to encourage working as a team, and that means everyone, from the star running back, to the guy on the sidelines making sure all of the equipment is in top shape.


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