We may be the addicts, but Blizzard is our pusher. 

I think it may be time for drastic measures on Blizzards part. We all know too well how simple it is to make gold. Even myself, with only 2 characters soon to be 3, just sending out missions every day can make many thousands of gold a week. My one Alt only has 6 followers and even he is good for some money every day. I log in on all 3, do their running around, collect money, send followers out. Rinse and repeat. Everyday. It has become an addictive habit. We justify it with thoughts that Legion will cost a lot in gold to play, we are going to buy that really expensive mount, or that it isn’t our fault, they could remove the gold at any time, we have to get as much as we can before they remove it. 

Now Blizzard can easily say, we are not the ones keeping you there. Which is true. As true as any casino that has slot machines that pay out tokens for prizes. I can walk away any time, ohhh, a 2000g mission. Ok just one more. 

It feeds into compulsive behavior. Into addiction. And I think it may need to stop. There is a ton of money to be made in the world, but that requires work, requires getting off your ass and going out and doing it. But we may need that push out the door. Would we be doing the Holiday quests, if they were scattered to the 4 corners of Draenor?  If it took 5 minutes to fly to each one?  Would we do it on 6 alts?  

We are entering a time when people traditionally will level alts. But how long can they sustain an economy where a higher percentage than there has ever been in the game are sitting on 100,000 500,000 even capped at a million gold. The game token may be funneling some away, but only as long as the price point is reasonable to people. If it hits 50,000 for a month of time will people stop buying time for gold? 75,000? 100,000?  There is a point where people will decide to hold on to their money. 

As much as I hate to say it, I think they, blizzard, needs to release the Fel Reavers, have them destroy our Garrisons and ship yards, and send us back to Warspear, or any of the other bases we established, and back out into the world. The alternative is to have more and more people just stay in the Garrison and Queue for thing, if at all, and come Legion, we will not be use to doing things in the world any more. 


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