So this hit a few minutes ago

valor legendary ring


Upgrade your Legendary ring with Valor.  No more need to kill Achimonde on Normal or higher every week.  And I don’t know what to think of this, except that it probably means people are not doing content that awards Valor, or not doing it to a level they had hoped.

For me, it will mean that tomorrow I will have my final 5 tomes for my 33, and will be on to the next phase, and I guess will be able to start leveling it up.  And it feels even less legendary than it did before.  I really dislike the whole lets let gear and upgrades to it make content easier.  I think it might have been better just having nerfs at certain points. Just my opinion.

Everyone having a Legendary is fine, if everyone advances it at the same pace.  When you have people like myself that just got tired of running LFR over and over to complete tasks and took a break, compared to those that maxed every week.  It just makes balancing content more difficult.

Hope a lot of thought is going into Legion, because this current system, the Pandaria system, it just does not sit well.  Make the Legendary a cosmetic thing.  Making something that at a certain point trivialized content when enough people have them, just is not working.


Legion will be an Artifact weapon, requiring us to do tasks, and I just don’t know if I am up for it any longer.  The patches after patches, here, go do this thing, gather these, run this content, do this now.  I think it may have been better when getting something truly special was truly special, it was something not many people ever saw.  The allure of getting something rare does not seem very rare, when everyone has one.  I am starting to feel like there is a driving force behind all of it, a group that monitors what people are doing, what percentage are doing what they feel we need to do, when we don’t they add more carrots and gold rings to grab, when we still don’t they do even more.  I almost wish they would just come out and say, we need people to be doing this.  If you don’t then it messes things up later in the game.  But that would probably drive me further away.

I am trying to do what I feel like doing, and I have gotten tired of running on the treadmill.


One thought on “So this hit a few minutes ago

  1. I would agree with you about the treadmill feel to the game, and I am not sure what Blizz can do about it. The part of the game that I find most enjoyable is working with a group of other players to achieve something. It doesn’t really matter if it is a fairly small group working on an achievement or a larger group working on raid content. It is about the journey that is shared with others in accomplishing something in the game. If the developers can find a way to develop new content that brings groups together to accomplish something over time, I think people will continue to play.

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