Story Time


There once was a gaming community, the likes of which had never been seen before.  It was a happy place, full of people that laughed, joked, and were there for each other when people were sad.  It was a marvelous place.  A wondrous valley full of all sorts of games, games of chance, games of skill, ones that tested your knowledge, how fast you could run, or jump, or any number of things.  They all played games to have fun, they cheered for each other when friends got crazy achievements, laughed at the funny outfits that people got, and were always there to help.


One day some new people came along.  The Eliteo’s  They did not like that these people were so happy just doing what they enjoyed, that there was no competition.


You have to play better said one of them.  You have to be the best no matter how many people you need to step over to get there.


But why asked one of the happy players.  Why can’t we just play our games to have fun?

Because someone has to win!!  Someone needs to be the best, to be number 1!!  It’s how you measure your worth as a gamer!!

But why can’t we just play with friends and work together to help people having trouble?  Surely helping people be better, helping them learn how to do things as friends is much more rewarding than being the first to win a game?

Bah!!! said the leader of the Eliteo’s.  You know nothing, how can you call yourselves “Gamers”  You are all worthless, you are… you are… You are all Casual Baddies, yeah!!  That’s what you are, Casual Baddies!!  You don’t deserve to play these games.  We are better than you!!!  For reasons!!!


But we all just want to play the game the way it’s fun to us.  Why do we have to be better than other people, why can’t we just have fun.

Because they are competitive games!  There has to be a winner!  There has to be someone that’s the best! There is no room for Baddies like you here.  Get out!!!  We are better than you will ever be, you don’t deserve to be here.  If you don’t have thousands of people following you you’re worthless.



And a lot of the happy people wandered away.  Some stayed, they kept very quiet, they did not question the Eliteo’s authority.  They were so much better players than anyone else.  Maybe they could learn something from them if they kept really quiet and did as they were told.


A great deal of time went by.  Some of those that had stayed had learned a great deal and were included in games with the Eliteo’s.  They liked playing the games, but there was no happiness in playing.  They missed their old friends.  They missed playing games just for fun.  After awhile some of the Eliteo’s left the gaming valley, tired of the games, they went in search of new games to play, new ways to show they were better than other gamers.

So the ones that had stayed started to sneak in their old friends, showed them some of the things they had learned, and before any of the Eliteo’s had noticed most of the original Happy Gamers were living back in the valley, playing games and having fun with their friends once again.  The few Eliteo’s that were left did not like this.



But our friends are here, we like playing with our friends, and we don’t like you being here.  So you get out.  There are more of us than there are of you.  But one of the Happy Gamers that had stayed spoke up for the Eliteo’s.


Not all of them are horrible people, a lot of them have taught us cool and fun things we can do in the games, they have showed us how to be better, just like we always did.  They aren’t all like that.  Some of them are nice, but just played along so they could still play games, just like we did.  Can’t we be friends with them too?


Seeing they were outnumbered a lot of the most hardcore Eliteo’s took their balls and left the valley.


WE WILL BE BACK TO SHOW YOU!!! shouted the leader, we will show you that we are always better than you!!

But the Happy gamers had learned something.  They did not have to let the Eliteo’s gang up on them, they had learned that there are so many more people that were like them, gamers that just wanted to have fun.

And so one day it was decided.  No matter who a person was, all gamers deserved to be treated equally, everyone had value, everyone deserved to be treated like a human being, it didn’t matter if they liked the same games, or if they were better than one another, or if they were blue or green or red.  Everyone deserved to be treated with respect.  And much to everyone’s surprise, some of the Eliteo’s came back over the weeks and months, they realized that being the best meant nothing, if there wasn’t someone to cheer you on, to shout YAY!! when you did something really hard.  They realized that being a part of a community that cared about each other meant more than being the best at something.  Because being the best by yourself means nothing compared to being just ok, with a bunch of friends.



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