you don’t get to be a dick

I don’t care what your personal thoughts on how people feel about musical artists, or authors, or any other artist.  There are people that have had things in their lives influenced for good or bad by Poetry, novels, songs, movies, etc.  Maybe the first movie a person saw with their father, a poem read by a first love, a song sung at a close friends funeral.  There are many things that impact our lives deeply.  The majority of us may not say on a daily basis how something has shaped the person we have become.  We should not have to.  Making assumptions that some people are jumping on the band wagon because someone notable has passed, and that their feeling have no merit because they have not said anything in the months or years you have known them does not mean they do not have them.

Yes there will be people with the news of David Bowie’s passing that will roll out personal experiences, life changing memories, aspect of his music that changed their lives.  If they do so and you feel they are just using it to garner attention, then just don’t say anything.  You don’t have to wave your arms in the air pointing to them to call them out on it.  Maybe they are just making it up, maybe there is a bit of truth to what they are saying.  Our mothers always told us, and I will channel my inner @Esmeralda_sky with this image,


Even if you are a close personal friend that has known a person all of your life and know for a fact that they are making something up to grab attention, to hop on the bandwagon, just let it go.  Is calling them out making the situation any better?  Is it going to make people trust anything that person says in the future?  Does it make you feel better as a person putting someone in their place?

We all are impacted by things in our lives, there are songs that I may hear on the radio that I have not in years, hearing Aerosmith’s Toy’s in the Attic reminding me of nights driving from one town at the New Jersey shore to Brigantine Castle on summer.  Listening to talk Radio hosts and remembering drives with my dad when he was still alive.  Some days it may be just a song, other days you might find yourself bawling for no reason.

If you don’t believe someone, just let them be.  Don’t be a dick.  Keep it to yourself.


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