Can’t I just be a simple bad ass character?

I have tried reading the Legion changes to the Shadowpriest class.  It appears we will spend time DPSing until we reach a point where we enter Void Form and then have a period of high damage potential, and our DPS being good will be tied to how long we can keep that state up.  Eventually we will drop back out, and we start all over again.

Right off the bat I am willing to be there will be a must have DoT tracking add on so that we will be able to maintain Void Form as long as possible.  And to be perfectly honest?  It does not really excite me. It will be a return to tracking up times and DoT’s, and those with computers powerful enough will be able to run multiple programs to allow them to achieve great performances and as a result there will need to be tuning changes, which will trickle down to those of us that just try to get by with what ever gear we can get.

I hope that maybe, just maybe, someone on the development team is considering that maybe they are trying to force a single spec of a class to perform in one set manner.  Getting rid of at least two different ways to play in order to keep our performance in line with design.  Maybe we like the possibility of having a choice in how we play.  I know it must be tough, Mages can choose three different DPS spec, most classes can.  Shadow has Shadow, or we are a healer.  Ok, well Disc is getting a hybrid version of both it appears.

I don’t know what to make of all the potential changes.  You ask us for input on the ideas, but by the time many can even see what is happening, the game is set to ship.Have you considered that maybe putting up a Proving grounds type beta testing zone that people could log into, might be a good idea?  It would at least give people a chance to see what is going to happen, decide now, do I want to still play this class in Legion, maybe I should try something else, and having some time, could level another class.  To be able to comment on how the changes are perceived.  There is a great deal of vague information so far.  A great deal of guessing at what things will be like, what will actually make it.  If you are not talking about the changes at least a little every week, then you are leaving us to second guess, based on comments from those chosen to participate in the Alpha.

I do hope that the changes planned have options for those that have difficulty keeping track of multiple things.  Because if I need an add on program to play for me?  Then I am not playing. I am leaving the game in the hands of a computer program that will tell me to push this button at a set time, and then another.  And that is not playing a game to me.  You may as well put in the ability to enter Up, Right, A, B, A, Down, A, L, L


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