#Warcraft Alpha/Beta testing idea. Discuss

I touched on an idea briefly last night. A thought that came to me after reading comments from people currently in Alpha testing. You see there are really not a lot of people in there right now. And even fewer are talking about how they perceive class changes. When you read some you may feel completely put off in how you interpret someone’s writing. Just as easily as you could become excited for how they describe the changes. When it goes to live beta, it is fundamentally to late for any major design change. We are asked to talk about and discuss, but honestly, unless you are actually playing your class live there is no way to adequately articulate how the changes feel to you as a player. 

So I have an idea. 

Let’s have open alpha testing of class changes in Alpha proving grounds. 

There is not much risk to the story being leaked, people will have an opportunity to test out the class changes as builds are released, and Blizzard will be able to acquire a mountain of data in a controlled environment. They would be able to test class mechanics against new creature abilities and spells. Players would be able to try out their mains. Give them a few runs to see if the design change is going to feel good to them, or complete bollocks. Also there would be an opportunity to try out other classes. Maybe the Melee Hunter is something you find to be the best thing ever. Maybe the Mage changes are in tune with your play style. You would not only have a chance to give the new design a try, but would have time to level and gear a new character if you wanted to make a switch. 

There are a lot of people on the fence as a result of this expansion. There was a lot of damage done. And currently there is not a lot of information coming to us. Whether that is fear of committing to having some type of content that may not make it live, or fear that September may be too ambitious. We all want to help. We all want to make this game the absolute best. And to keep playing. I am just suggesting something that may not require a great deal of work that will benefit both the players and developers. 
So. Ok #warcraft. Discuss. I’m going to get a coffee refill. 


2 thoughts on “#Warcraft Alpha/Beta testing idea. Discuss

  1. This is a great idea, but I think it has a fundamental flaw. It assumes that Blizzard wants that much honest feedback about their ideas. Perhaps being a little pessimistic but I don’t see them as really caring a great deal about player feedback. Or at least, it should be within a range. It’s okay to disagree with the overall concept they have but by no more than 10%.

    I may be being unfair to them but the flying issue in this expansion is going to be a big thing for them to move past. It showed that they will push forward with an idea no matter how unpopular until it becomes a major problem.

    To be fair, having lots of people give feedback could lead to so many contradictory opinions with nothing getting done.

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  2. An excellent idea and I would love to actually test things out and see how it feels instead of just seeing the released information and being upset by it as it seems my class has been gutted completely. Only a real test will tell if the class changes are working.

    The problem however lies in the fact that even if blizzard did such a great idea they would not even read the feedback, never the less act on it. In the last beta people complained that there was no reason to leave the garrison on beta because the world was void of anything to do. If there was nothing to do in a testing phase, how did they think it would work when in release? And yet they released WoD without adding any level 100 content. People on beta complained about bugs in the garrisons and garrison crashes, but they released the game to 10M players in the same buggy and crashing state as it was when 10K people were saying it did not work. Did they think that having more people all try to load their garrison on the same day would fix the problems?

    Blizzard might solicit feedback, but they do nothing to act on it. Even if that feedback is honest, intelligent, well worded and 100% true, they still ignore it and do whatever they want to do. As Causally Odd explained they are just going to do whatever they want no matter what the people give as feedback. Just look at the disaster that flying was this expansion. And they learned nothing from it. No flying on release next expansion again. But at least they told us ahead of time, so I guess that is something.

    Your idea is fantastic, sadly even if they come here to read it, it will fall on deaf ears.

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