Comander, do you have a second?



Sure Gazlowe, what’s on your mind.

Well, where to start.  OK commander, it’s like this you see.  It’s great that you have been supplying the work force here with the resources to get the base up and running, and to keep everyone well supplied, but you see there is a bit of a problem.  Hmmm, how to put this delicately.  I will just cut to the chase sir.  We want to get paid.  It’s all well and good sending us out to take care of your errands, to keep the base defended, and all, but come on now sir, it’s been over a year, we have been stuck in this frozen barren wasteland, there aren’t any towns nearby, no booze, no entertainment.  And well, everyone is getting a might restless.  Now you wouldn’t want to say come back one day and find that your Enchanting study caught fire now would you?  Purely hypothetical of course.  Not saying that those volatile reagents kept out here on the front lines, in the cold, why you never know what might happen.  Some one is liable to get hurt.  Accidentally of course.

Now wait a minute.  Are you trying to shake me down Gazlowe?

Absolutely not sir.  You are the commander and all.  We are here to help with the war effort.  The thoughts of earning a living, so far away from our homes, our families, our children, never once crossed our minds. We are doing this to save the world right?  Now of course, nothing to say an entrepreneur like myself could not make a little spare change, for , expenses.  Call it hazardous duty pay if you will.  You of all people should know how dangerous it is out there.  Be a shame if something were to happen to you while you were sleeping.

Well what do you have in mind, to make this a bit more equitable, so that as you say, accidents don’t happen.

Well commander, we have seen what has been coming in recently.  You are doing pretty darn good for yourself there.  Couple hundred here, a few thousand there. I mean you are just one person, even if you are a fat panda.

HEY!!! Who are you calling fat!!  I’m just festively plump.  Yeah that’s it.  Just some winter padding to keep out the cold.

Suure, anything you say boss.  You’re just big boned.  I got it.  No need to be offended, no harm, no foul.  So me and the boys were thinking.  We kind of talked it over, and we figure a fair number is half.

What do you mean half?  Half of what?  Half of the resources? The odd items here and there the others bring back?

No sir, not at all. No we want half of the gold.  And I think a fair thing too, would be for you to make a gesture, and give us half of everything you have earned this past year.  Now.

What that sounds like you are making a threat there.  I don’t have that kind of money on me.  What about we say starting today.  That would be fair wouldn’t it?  If I had known all along you wanted a better arrangement I could have been working with you.

You see commander.  What you don’t know is we Goblins have a network if you will. We know you have been funneling money to banks back in Azeroth, we know how much you have and what we are owed.  So we will be taking half right now.  Oh you can file a complaint if you want.  The proper forms should only take about 4 years to process, and then there would be the Goblin tribunal to face for the hearing.  Trust me, this is going to work out for the best this way.

You drive a hard bargain Gazlowe.  You have me over a barrel.

For now.




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