Archimonde to 0%


Yeah that’s right big guy.  I took you down to 0% last night, you had what appeared to be 63,000 health when we went down.  Myself, a tank and a healer on Heroic, fighting to the very end, when I went down an Infernal put you back to 6%.  That was a best attempt over 2 days of pugging the fight.

I have kept quiet about some of the comments made as people would drop from group, comments that the few people in the guild that have done the fight on Heroic are trying to carry people, that it’s just bad healing, that the DPS is low.  And I have seen many also say good luck, and sorry I have to go.  I understand that many are just looking for their kill of the week, just want to get in on a Heroic run to get their free ring upgrade before they go back to Mythic progression.  I do hate the term carry.  To me being carried meant you were asked to tag a boss, then move over to the side out of the way to die so you would not drop some thing in the middle of the raid, that healers would not be over taxed keeping you alive.  I view myself as far from that term as you could possibly imagine.

I have 3 pieces of Normal tier.  Just 3.  I have the basic legendary ring, I have upgraded a few pieces of gear, and equipped my iLevel is 711.  So yes, I suppose to those looking to pug runs where normally 720 is a minimum I am the low man in the group.  I may have said on numerous occasions that I really do not like raiding recently.  And that goes back to Heart of Fear where the level of mechanics were such that it was too much for not only my computer to handle, but for me to keep track of.

I never said I don’t know how to raid.  Oh I do.  Our raid leader mentioned last night, Mara’s pulling 43k DPS on the computer he has, when his new one comes in he is going to be kicking a lot of peoples asses.  I sim somewhere around 42k.  So yeah.  I know my class, I know how to play.  What gets me is huge AoE’s that I can barely see on the lowest settings, intense graphic bursts with multiple adds that drop me to sub 7 FPS, or just lack of knowledge of the fights.  Yes, sometimes I get caught on the wrong side of a ginormous pool of bad and I need to run around the whole thing and sometimes I end up out of range of the healers.  But when I am in the right spot, and do not get tripped up, I know what I need to do.

Being labeled as a carry last night by a Hunter that was pulling 48k DPS, in 727 gear, that died during phase 2 did not make me mad.  It just made me a bit sad for the state of things that rather than stick it out, work to help a group get a fight done, it is easier to just give it 2 attempts and drop to find another group.  If anyone is being carried it is you sir/madam that are barely beating out a Shadowpriest in gear more than 10 iLevels lower than yourself.  I am doing these heroic attempts because some in the guild really want me to get the moose.  And I am putting in the work with guild members to get it.

Well I am sure I will get it at some point in the near future, that perhaps getting a 4th piece of tier will jump my numbers up even more.  What still bothers me is that even with as much time as we have until the expansion is done, there are many people that will never have an opportunity to get the mount, to get that glimpse of story that they have only seen by looking at the leaked youtube video.


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