We are the after thoughts

We are, the after thoughts, the also ran, the Hoi Pilloi. The common people. The ones that play at our own pace, the ones still working on content, the ones even now just getting into our garrisons, the ones that may have only been playing a few months, or maybe even years. We don’t fit into the mold that the game may be designed for.

While many may be done with Draenor, anxiously awaiting the next expansion, waiting to read news, ready for something shiny and new. We are still plugging along working at finishing the expansion.

Last night I got my first Archimonde normal kill. And I have been in groups recently trying to get him down on heroic. The guild is officially 13/13 normal, and we are 6 or 7 of 13 heroic. Looking at the drop of my first Legendary ring upgrade, I still have 19 more to go. So if I use the few mythic dungeons I do during the week on upgrading gear, I still have over 4 months of killing him once a week before I will be where others have been for some time. And that’s ok. I don’t know if I will ever see it maxed to 795 before we head into Legion. I don’t know if they will add valor to the raids for more to catch up. We, the common people, still have a great deal to do.


And there is is nothing wrong with it. Even if at times we may be made to feel so. People placing their own values and expectations for raiding at a certain pace, getting a certain level of gear to participate in content. Even expectations on doing certain parts of the game. Right now I have a full clear on LFR, a full clear on Normal, and some on Heroic. And that is more than I ever thought I would do in the expansion. And I’m doing it with people in the guild. It’s a good time to be playing.

There is no worlds first race to be finished and playing other titles, no must have to complete before the next tier drops. Certainly there is the moose to get for many. And I hope at some point we will also be ones helping people get theirs. But right now, it’s not that important any more. Yeah I feel I will get it, and I will get it with the guild. But I’ve done more than I ever thought possible as just an average player.

Its ironic that so many people that looked down on people like me, on guilds like the one I run, or our server from Mists, that have either quit the game, or their guilds fell apart because they pushed everyone to keep up with the release schedule. Many just forgot. There is a lot of game to have fun playing. You don’t have to be raiding as soon as it drops, don’t need to be the first to have fun. The trick is finding a group of people that share the same or similar goals. Not putting pressure on people to keep up, you have to cap every week. It is ruining the game for a lot of people that just want to experience it.

We see the perceived gender inequality thrown in our faces by the eSports crowd. Women are too emotional to play competitively. Bull shit. Women, men, kids, teens, married couples. We are all gamers in our own right. Do you see the likes of the top pro baseball players telling kids on a little league team telling them they suck?  Basketball players telling teens on the playground just give up, you’re never gonna be able to compete?  I find it shocking how many that play video games to the top levels look down upon those playing the same game to their own pace. If you want to ensure the death of any type of competitive video game playing, keep on putting us in our place.

While I may not be great or the best, I try to encourage people. And I’ve seen young people that thought they were not good at the game go on to be so much more. The next generation players need to learn from someone. If it’s not you, then it will be me. And I will be teaching them that they have value as people regardless of their skill. That the success of a team only comes from a team working together. Not just one.

We may be an after thought in the design of the game. The common people that are here doing it our way. But here we are. Still playing while you are off in Overwatch, or Heroes of the Storm. And if you don’t watch out some day we may be the ones more progressed than you. And when you are looking for someone to lend you a hand to catch up, we will probably help you. Even when you have said how bad we were for years. We will still be there. You just have to ask.




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