I don’t care anymore


As much as I love WoW, and seem to be able to write about something when I want to express an opinion.  I am just not bothering with of the Alpha stuff that is all over.  Until it gets to even Beta testing it it really is no where near a finished product.  There is no point for me to be upset over changes or lack of things.  I certainly will not see an invite to Alpha, probably not even for Beta in any expansion, and that’s fine.  I am not the type of person they really need in there testing things.  I am normally well behind the curve for doing the majority of content, and my views and impressions are a far cry from the majority of the player base.  So me being in there for a few hours a week would really serve no purpose.  I have in the past kept up with changes, sneak peeks at class changes, looks at zones, over views of the story.  It use to excite me.  Now?  Just another night in game.  Log in, work on what ever I feel like working on, or not, and logging out a few hours later.  There is no anticipation of getting home as soon as possible, grabbing a quick bite to eat, logging in to go tackle some evil that needs to be fought.

In Wrath, we saw the Lich King in many of the dungeons, he showed up in ToC, he was an integral part of the story, he was always around for key point in the development of the story.  In Cata, we had Deathwing, out and about in the world setting people on fire.  Again, prevalent in our minds.  Pandaria we had Garrosh, and for a time we had him in Draenor.  Unless you read the book, how he got here and why we went after him is still an huge unknown.  I read the book, so know the story between defeating him in Siege, and where we are now, and it still does not make a lot of sense.  Then we find out Guldan has been behind the scenes causing problems, but he never really seems to be the in your face bad guy.  Ok, we saw Mannoroth in the cinematic, and what not, but the up in your face bad guy has been missing.  Far as I know Archimonde has not been out and about in the world, I occasionally fly over to the dark portal expecting something to be going on.  But it’s just the same old same old.  I don’t want to say it feels like they just abandoned the whole expansion, there has to be something.  Right?

And so I am just not letting myself get caught up in torch waving over things.  My opinion has no value, the only thing that would even raise a blip would be if I cancelled my subscription.  And even that I doubt would be noticed.  I am sure I could just quietly walk away and withing a few weeks no one would really notice I was gone.  There were days years ago I felt like I may have made a difference, that something I had done mattered.  But now?  I’m just a $15 a month sub.  I have no interest in any of the other games on the launcher.  Certainly I have given them a try, but they are not for me.  WoW is almost becoming an app game for me that I play around with for a couple of hours a day.  It has lost me as a person that cared about changes or direction.  Now I just do what I need to to get from point A to B, to get to max level, and do what ever catches my eye for the evening.  To many hopes for things have been tossed away.

I look at the group finder, trying to find a heroic group to do Archimonde to get the mount and achievment the right way.  They all want 715 or 720, all want you to link ring and AoTC achievement.  And I cannot meet any of these requirements.  I am barely at 713, I don’t have Ahead of the Curve, I have done the fight many many times, even once to sub 0% but have never killed him.  So I have to keep working at it, hope that I get lucky and a friend has room in a group, and watch as I am labeled as a carry.  Or I will have to keep an eye open for someone selling it.  I had a chance the other day, and I wanted to think on it, and like so many things the opportunity is gone.  I will probably get the mount.  At some point.  But if I don’t, it will be a sad day for me certainly, but I won’t quit over it.

No I won’t quit over any number of trivial things.  Quitting for something like that would mean that you cared about some aspect so much that you felt the need to just go.  And right now?  Today?  I have nothing compelling me to do more, to rise up to the fight.  I just don’t care any more.  It will be there years from now, designed how ever they feel it should be designed, whether I like it or not.  I can play or not.  The choice is always mine to make.  So for now, it’s just logging in and finding something to pass the time.


2 thoughts on “I don’t care anymore

  1. Is it so bad though? That you don’t put all that much passion into a game? Spending some time in it and having fun without making plans and setting up objectives? As time passes and we grow older, I think it’s just normal to treat WoW more and more like a game and less and less like an important part of our lives.

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    1. Yep. I’m not worried About potential changes breaking my class or not being able to keep up with raid progress. It’s now just a game I play. I still love it overall. But I can’t get worked up over possible changes that may not make it to live 7 months from now


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