I pugged Heroic Archimonde and paid 20k to do it. 

I saw the posting in trade last week. Selling heroic Arcimonde runs for the moose and ahead of the curve title for 20,000 gold. I hesitated on it because I was not sure if it was a scam. But I asked a few people that did it and it was a legitimate run. Eventually I was able to pull the person and guild up on the armory to see who they were. They are a top 30 US guild. All have hundreds of kills on a Heroic and their gear is probably all best in slot Warforged everything.

And I should thank Foozeqt and DNOgaming for coming to my realm and offering up runs. Thank you for the opportunity.

I expected it to be like so many stories I have heard over the years. Take off your armor, go stand over there and die so you don’t mess us up. But it wasn’t. You were expected to do what you were supposed to. So I did. I paid attention to adds, avoided everything as I was supposed to and completed the entire fight alive. Seeing the fight in a 30 man group is very intense. But I did it. I was no where near the top DPS, I was near the bottom. But I expected that. I did well. And I did not die, or drop bad stuff in the raid to cause a wipe. I thanked everyone and collected my quest. By then it was beyond late for me so I will finish it tonight.

I’m glad I did it. I see now I do have the ability to do the fight on heroic. Prior I had gotten close with a mostly guild group. But there was always the nagging feeling that even with the guild I was being carried for something they wanted me to get. So now that feeling of having to get the fight done in time is gone, and I can focus on doing better with the guild raid team.


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