Not all Add on’s are bad

Not all add on programs are bad,



Ones like Deadly Boss mods, add on programs to make healing fights less stressful, one’s like Iskar Assist that help with coordinating a fight, ones for organizing your bags, placing raid markers.  There are hundreds if not thousands of add on programs that are used in game every day.  They are tools.

But then there are some that can be abused.  Ones that are used in PvP that give unfair advantages, one I recently heard about that has a feature that will let you disband a group, but that has an unfortunate flaw, if you give someone assist, they can then disband also.  You spend time organizing a random group, you need just a few more, and someone asks for assist to invite a few, and they disband the whole group because they think it’s funny.  And then there are ones that will analyze a persons gear, will point out missing enchants, missing gems, that they are wearing, GASP, PvP gear to a PvE raid.

I am not a fan of those that can be abused.  If it is used to do a fast check of your guilds raid group to see is anyone may have forgotten to fix a new piece of gear they got the other day, I have no problem with it.  When it is used to judge other players, to exclude, it becomes more of an issue for me.  I learned how to raid during that dark time of the What’s your Gear Score, too much value was placed on a single number.  For me I don’t care if a person is missing a few things, or they have PvP gear.  They may be working on an alt and have used all their spare gold to buy 1 or 2 pieces of gear to get them high enough to get into a pug group.  They may be on a server where prices are exorbitant for enchants, or gems.  We all are not sitting on 10’s of thousands in gold to toss money at every piece of gear that comes are way.  I say give that person a chance, if they are performing near or better than you expect then keep them, if they are tabbing out, standing in fire, targeting the wrong thing, pulling 1000 DPS in 706 gear, then by all means, politely let them know they will need to be replaced.

Gear has never been a true measure of a persons ability to play, they may be an excellent player, may be bringing some needed interrupt to the raid, heck may even be working on their first character that they used their level 90 boost to play, and not have any idea what they are supposed to do, except that they have read somewhere that you can use the group finder to get into raids.  I don’t even want to go down the road of those that feel, it’s not worth enchanting normal gear, they will if Heroic pieces drop.  It is personal choice.  I choose to keep mine enchanted, but I will not buy the most expensive gems.  Should I be kicked from a group?

There are many programs that have been made that are well needed in the game, but there are many also that can be abused, even if not intentionally.


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