I am a long way from being amused by subtle


When we see opinion polls on the @warcraft account, it is very easy to jump to action and go looking for something in game.  We are grasping at any hint of something new happening.  Like many others last night I logged in and headed out to Karazhan, flew all around the towers, looked to the sky in all directions, saw nothing there, so headed all the way up to Dalaran, flew to the furthest points north I could get to, and saw nothing.  Maybe I got my hopes up for something that was not even hinted at being there.  Maybe I am looking in the wrong place.  But I am long past trying to puzzle out subtle hints or clues to something that may or may not be there.



I really should.  I should be one of those that is packing it all in and heading off to other games until Legion, or even heading off entirely, canceling my subscription for good.  But I have that nagging hope in my head.


The first is becoming harder to find.  Yes there are things to do, some things to occupy a short period of time.  I have avoided focusing on any one thing in fear that once I have completed it, it will not be there to have as a fall back.

I love WoW, despite all the flaws, this has been the longest I have played any game ever, and I hope to be playing until the day you pull the plug.  It is something special, and even though you may have grand ideas about making it into something else, I do hope that you do not lose sight of what made it special to begin with.

I do hold on to the idea that you have great things planned.  I try to read what ever I can, but either you are relying to much on 3rd party sites, or the information is slow coming.  We don’t all watch twitch streamers, don’t have time to sit in work and watch videos of races.  We have some time every day to give a glance to blog postings that you have put out.  And to me at least, they seem to be few and far between.  All it does is chip away at the hope that I have.  It allows cracks to form in the resolve I have to see this expansion through.  Because you are not only at risk of losing me as a player, but also as someone that will reconsider come June going to the theater to see the movie.  Certainly I will watch it, but maybe I will wait for it to be on HBO some 6 months later.

We all have hope, we know you are working on things, but only seeing subtle comments without specific meaning, almost feels like we are being trolled.


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