Tell it like it is


I follow a great deal of people, I have even more that follow me, which still astounds me at times.  I may not interact with everyone, may even try to interact with some but not get any response.  And that’s ok.  I appreciate being able to read what is on your mind every day.  And I’m sure some may occasionally find something I say or write thought provoking, or funny.  I try to treat each and every one of you as equals.  It does not matter to me if you have 20k followers and are a huge personality in WoW, or if you are brand new to Twitter and have a handful of people that you follow.  To me you are all people, human beings.

There are some lines that I see crossed that will prompt me to unfollow without a word.  I won’t bring more attention to your actions that prompted me to do so.  It may vary for any person, whether I know a lot about issues you have, health related, or due to tragedy in your life. I do have a general grasp on most everyone I tend to see on a daily basis, and even those I may only catch a passing tweet.  I try to interact as much as I can, some days it may be more with others than you, it does not mean you are any less special, have less value, you are all important, not only to me, but most certainly to others also.

We are all here in part because of a love of a video game, we may not all play to the same level, may play different aspects, some may have even moved on to other games.  All of our paths crossed and one time or another because of gaming in general.  And our love of gaming is what keeps us talking every day.  If I could give any piece of advice to anyone new to this mass of people here every day.  Just be yourself, don’t try to be some person you are not, because at some point you may slip, and your true character may shine through, good or bad.  We all have good and bad days, life happens, how we handle ourselves after, how we treat others, how you as a person treat other people, is what I watch for.  You may be someone I have a great deal of respect for, but if I see you acting badly to another, then you may find me gone one day.  You can infer anything you want by my no longer following, that I am choosing sides, maybe I am, but it is a choice I am making.

I have made some mistakes in my time here, have offered to help those I thought had the best interest in others in their hearts, those that I have been told privately may not be the good people they portray themselves to be, made choices based on being told these things, to second guess myself and question if I made a wise choice, and then later find out that yes, the truth was there when confirmed by another.  Yes, yes, yes, I know, this whole blog post is possibly riddled with subtweets, but it is not about any one person, persons.  Just my thoughts this morning.

I give everyone a chance to show me they are a decent human being, that tries to be a good person.  Many are, very few are not.  Just try to do good in the world, there is enough bad to go around 10 fold.


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