Just kill the bloody mobs ffs

I just read @alternativechat ‘s blog on the Water Strider. And she’s dead on. Something that has bothered me for years has been people trying to skip as much as possible, yes cheating the design, in order to save a few minutes time. We all start running dungeons clearing everything in our way. Shortly after we start timing pulls to make the mob size smaller so they can be burned down quicker, then people pick up pathing patterns and learn to skip around. The Everbloom is a prime example of cheating the system at its worst. People found a way around to avoid fighting. So Blizz patched some spots. So they found another. And I dread getting in that dungeon any time I do decide to run one. Just because I have trouble making the crazy jumps to find tiny little spots that allow you to jump up a rise that was never intended for you to jump up. I would rather take 6 minutes fighting mobs that drop loot over 5 minutes watching as people attempt to manipulate the system. Even figuring out how to utilize 2 seater mounts to allow people to jump up.

I noticed on Thursday heading into the room to do Gorefiend that there is another add to the right of the door. And if you look, the walkway goes all the way around the upper level of the room. We don’t bother with it. Why is it there?  We don’t know because by the time content gets around to the majority of us, the fastest easiest route has been determined. What if there was a chest over there. What if going over there gave you a buff, or allowed you to do something that made the fight easier. We never know because it is always this rush to just get in and get it over with. There is never any time spent looking at what’s there. Exploring things. Nope. It has all been pre determined by the best raiders/players in the world that have streamed, YouTube’d, and written the short cuts to easy victory. I go into a dungeon or raid my first time with no clue where I am going. Sure there is a general direction to head, but what’s down that hall, why is that cubby hole that can easily fit a group of people there. Maybe the designers thought it would be a good place for a LoS pull. We don’t know because people no longer think about playing. They follow a predetermined strategy outline by months of published testing and refinement. You know why Vanilla has nostalgia?  Because no one knew.

I honestly don’t care what Blizzard decides to keep or remove from the game. I have a certain level of Tollerance that I am willing to put up with in the game. If trying to get to an objective while questing is to difficult, then in the past I moved on and came back to it later when I over geared it. Or found someone else doing it to help. Let me say, that on a poor quality computer with input latency? Jumping puzzles were enough to make me log out and not play. The fact I needed an add on program to direct me to a tiny microscopic item I could barely see sparkle? Yeah. I had an extreme amount of frustration for a great many aspects of this expansion. And the quality of the zones Atmoshere is like night and day between my old computer and the new one. Except Khadgars place. That still makes me nauseous. You’re a powerful person. Able to wield powerful spells. Clear that fog up yo.

Legion is going to make a lot of people angry. Mobs are going to be equal level or higher always. It is a very risky change on their part. Things will not be farmed without a fight. And I don’t know how I feel about that. This is the first expansion where I know very little about things that should make me excited, and a lot more about things that don’t. I think a huge mistake was made handling the Alpha testing the way they have. There is too much information getting out that won’t even see Beta testing, let alone live. And not only do we have testers commenting, but all social media grabbing the torches. The Waterstrider proposed change should be a wake up call to everyone. If you are going to abuse things in the game on such a large scale that it is negating content, then don’t be surprised if they take your Kodachrome away.


3 thoughts on “Just kill the bloody mobs ffs

  1. I agree to some extent with what you’re saying, I’m never a fan of those short cut routes when they are challenging for me to maneuver and then I end up feeling like the jerk for holding up everyone else. That’s not fun for anyone.

    But I think some responsibility should be taken by Blizzard. The reason people end up learning speed runs is because the content is designed to be played ad nauseum and eventually anyone (myself included) will want to simply “get it over with.” And then secondly, I think that Blizzard being so found of innovation should look at this and think, “if players like finding these routes, why not intentionally design them into the game?”

    For the first problem, FFXIV I think has a good solution. Whenever a first timer is in a dungeon, the party is alerted and their rewards go way up for sticking with it. And if I’m not mistaken, there is now a system for becoming a mentor which allows you to use a specific dungeon finder to help new people. Those runs could be done “correctly” while the regular dungeon finder tool could be for speed runs. To ensure full completion of the first there could be a requirement to kill all mobs.

    For the second problem, I think it’s kind of lazy design to try and fix it by continuously blocking off something that players obviously enjoy. Exploration and finding new routes is a play style for some MMO gamers, this could be built into the encounter and open world. Killing every mob could net a unique reward or extra boss while using one of several intentionally designed alternate routes might supply an equally valuable reward for a speed run.

    Guild Wars 2 introduced a system in Heart of Thorns whereby mobility options increase as you learn and develop new skills. So water walking or flight could be a skill for everyone to learn, not tied to a mount. It might require a series of quests or an achievement to unlock and once you do, you gain access to new areas of the environment.

    So while I agree this is a problem that negatively affects the dungeon experience, I think Blizzard has a lot of tools available to them and examples in other games for improving it without simply taking things away.

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    1. I agree. It would be cool if there was an alternate route you could take with say 1 tougher mob that maybe dropped a little better loot. A reward for taking a faster but more challenging path. I enjoy going crack to older dungeons to explore and actually see the entire thing. The same with raids. Who ever goes down another path or around a corner just to see what’s there. Maybe even an achievement for finding a secluded spot in every dungeon. Or offer a buff for killing all the mobs leading to a boss. Granted you shouldn’t need incentives, but if players are perpetuating the need to speed through, shortcut everything, it is just behavior that is being taught to the next generation of gamers. Doing it right should count for something.


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