I want my MTVeeee

The one line that is through the whole song. Get your money for nothin….

And that’s it right there. For quite awhile now. We log in, send out not only Garrison missions, but shipyard too. On any day I can pull in easily 1000 gold. Just a few clicks thanks to an add on program, yeah I know. I’m guilty of that which I feel takes away from thinking in the game. That all started because I wanted to log in and take care of the daily routine as fast as possible so I could get out into the world. Because like it or not, there is still a lot to do out in the world. We don’t “have to” be in our garrisons. But then it started to become a bit more profitable to just stay there. I do go to town every few days to put money back into the economy towards those working to supply raw materials. I have a decent stockpile of enchanting mats, I knock out bags every other day, I have a Blacksmith with near 1000 bars on him, and an inscrpitionist the I make fortune cards on every two weeks, which is good for about 4,000 gold or more. I could just sit there every day cycling through 3 level 100’s and make 10-12,000 a week.

I know it is addictive behavior. I know at some point in the future it will all come to an end. I should be running mythic dungeons, doing random LFR for valor, Timewalking even. And yet most nights I just sit there passing time waiting for raid invites, or occasionally popping back to do an old raid for a mount drop that never does.

There is going to come a day when we get cut off. When the gold mine is going to run dry.  The salvage crates will stop dropping and we are going to have to work for things once again. And it is going to be a harsh reality for a lot of people. Myself included. You think there was an uproar over flying? The Waterstrider?  LoL. They will be nothing compared to the outrage when people see their free money cut off. I’m not saying that Blizzard is feeding an addictive behavior. We are adults. We can walk away from it anytime.

I walked away for a time. Just spent time out in Tannan, flying around, looking for rare mobs, it was ok. Then I started seeing people commenting. I’m nearing my first million gold. People talking about extravagent purchases and buyers remorse, but no worries, a few weeks in the Garrison and I will have it back.

I’m no game designer, but I think now is the time to start weaning us off the free money. There may have been numerous reasons to institute it. Encourage buying game time, ways to keep you logging on, or some thing planned for the future. I certainly hope a valuable lesson was learned. There is a fine line between adding an incentive to get us to utilize a feature, to one that allows us to abuse it.


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