We all wait for that 1 piece of gear

We all play, we all strive to get better, to improve our skill, to improve gear so that we can do the most challenging content available to us.  Be it getting our second piece of tier gear, our fourth, getting our legendary ring, getting it maxed to 795, and in my case getting that one class trinket.  The one piece of gear that is hands down better than any other, even though it may be 30 items levels lower.  The equip bonus just makes it that strong.  So strong in fact that it requires playing a whole new way to utilize it to the absolute best.

And that is what happened for me.  Last Sunday I got the Repudiation of War off of Normal Archimonde.  I also, which is still amazing to me, have managed to get all 4 pieces of tier gear, two of which are heroic versions.  So I was really surprised when I got it.  Wow, this was going to be a game changer, this was going to help me climb up to where so many other classes are at, I would actually be bringing a valuable character to the raid team, would be an asset to our first attempts on Mythic.  I did the research, changed talent choices, reworked my action bars. And went into Heroic Hellfire Citadel last night.

I felt I did ok on the first two fights, it was awkward, required a lot of concentration, I found myself looking at buttons more than the fight to get a better feel for unlearning near a year of play style to grasp a new way. It felt…


And then we went up to Xhul’horac.  And that is where it started to fall apart for me.  There is so much to tract, kill the imps, don’t drop Fel in the raid, kill the big add, don’t mix Void and Fel, stack in Black Holes.  And that was it…



One little piece of straw added to the pile.  And I was done.  Near a year of work, building confidence in my ability to play, the good feeling that I was worth bringing along, that I was maybe, just maybe, a decent player.  All shattered and broken.  All from one little piece of gear.  I look at how long it took me to become comfortable with playing prior to this week.  I look at how much time may be left before it all gets turned upside down yet again.  And I just don’t think I have it in me.  I see other Shadow Priests in similar and even slightly lower gear, doing 50% more damage than me, I see Mages and other classes doing double, near triple the DPS I can do.  And it just makes me want to go spend my time alone in my Garrison, sending out missions until they turn off the lights and scrap the feature.

So here I am this morning.



6 thoughts on “We all wait for that 1 piece of gear

  1. The class trinket is why I currently have four gearsets defined for shadow!

    Three are for Clarity of Power and those only vary by the trinkets – pure single target is RoW + piston. Cleave means RoW + Gaze. Multi target is Gaze + Piston. I also have the BoA trinket for when fighting demons

    The final gear set is for Auspicious spirits – it has the same trinkets as the CoP multi target set, but also has seven other items which switch over the secondary stats to what is needed for AS to work.

    Repudiation of War is ideal for CoP usage, but that then means using CoP with its different stats – haste to 35% then mastery compared to AS’s “There are other stats than crit?”.

    It has a very different playstyle to AS which does take some time & practise to get used to – its different enough that I’m no longer that good at playing AS any more!

    CoP, combined with keeping up stacks of RoW, mean that you almost have to tunnel on targets for it to be effective. The moment you target switch you become less effective – unless you’re putting SW:P onto an add to give yourself ToF.

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      1. And here I am just trying to do one well when it requires mastery of many.

        Yeah upper heroics and Mythics may be beyond my skill set


      2. The problem is that shadow today – as in Mists – hasn’t scaled well at all & was easily overtaken by other classes. For us to just keep up means we have to go to insane levels of micro-management.

        I’m hoping the re-work in Legion will help here, but that was supposed to happen in Warlords as well…

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      3. Yeah. We had a Mage pug in group last night over 140k. And not even burst. That was a few minutes into the fight.


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