5 1/2 years ago

Blizzard closed down the old forums and made new.  The old ones were quite a toxic place for sure.  Any that have been around long enough to recall can concur.  So they made new.  They have moderators, better means of reporting posts, and it is better.  But they made an error in judgement recently.  They tried to hop on the social media bandwagon.

Hey, there are a lot of WoW players on this Twitter thing, we can capitalize on that right?  Instant communication of ideas, with fast replies, people will spread ho great WoW is faster than we can by posting long winded blogs.

Ok, probably not that fast a decision and there hopefully was more thought put into the idea of linking Twitter to WoW accounts and encouraging people to use Twitter.

The problem is, Twitter really does not have forum monitors that can lock or delete a thread because it is inflammatory, you can block people but if they really want, they will create dozens of egg accounts to keep trying to start trouble.  This is what happens when you start using outside media that you have no control over.  There is nothing to prevent people from going on tirades about hw bad they feel the game is, how out of touch the development team is, Vanilla WoW was best.

hen you give any venue to express thoughts about a product you open yourself to criticism.  If you are not allowing your own people to wade in to clarify points, which honestly it does seem recently like many are under a gag order, you just give people looking to cause trouble more and more confidence that they can say anything they feel like without repercussions.  You cannot issue a forum ban for comments made on social media, or on a persons blog, Twitch, or YouTube channel. The cone of silence is giving more power to those looking for any reason to find fault.

We all have great hopes for Legion, you have given us a glimmer of what you are planning.  But you are not telling us anything.  We are all starting to feel like, yes, September is going to be a reality, that the expansion will not be ready until then, and that the reason for it, is you want us to buy into your other titles.  I’m sorry, but none of them have any interest for me.  They may for many, but there are a lot of us that have stuck through all of this, have gritted our teeth and still play every day.  Do we hope that you have something planned for this long stretch for us?  Absolutely we do.  We are anxious for anything.  Blog articles, developer interviews, progress reports, something, anything.  I’ve said it before, and probably will many many more times in the future.  I am not part of the player base that watches twitch streams.  I have tried, most times it is just unorganized chaos in the chat rooms. It may be normal for many.  But not for me.

5 1/2 years ago you took a step to try to clean things up, to try to make them better, but the recent venture into social media without a solid plan for dealing with fallout from people with iron walls of anonymity to hide behind is really showing a lot of people that you might actually be a bit afraid of the monster you have unleashed.


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