They don’t write em like that any more

And that for me is a big problem I see today with the, for lack of a better term, marketing direction I see for Warcraft.They just aren’t writing about the upcoming Legion expansion.

6 days ago there was a sort of update outlining what the max level cap is, and what is available for testing

Prior to that we had this

which really did not tell us much.

I had to go all the way back to December for this post on PvP

I won’t fill this with links, but I had to go all the way back to the middle of November for when they released the class previews.  That is nearly 4 months we have gone without much in the way of “Written” information about the expansion.  Yes, there was the Legion Dungeon race for those that have the time to watch Twitch streams.  I don’t particularly have 90 minutes to watch video of people playing content that may be completely different by the time I get there in 6 months or longer.  Pretty much, as it seems to me, the only information out there on what is happening for the expansion is what you can see broadcast if you are one of the thousands that follow Twitch streamers, or if you are lucky enough to have found someone that blogs about the experience.  And seeing that many do not want that “Spoiler” label, there really has not been a lot I have seen written.  Maybe I am just not looking in the right places.

When we were heading into Cata I was able to find a wealth of written information on WoW’s site.  Talk of what was going to happen, new things, changes, I spent months reading and talking about what we would be looking at.  Even Mists had a great deal of information.  Draenor was where we saw a change in how we as players took what was being presented and hung the Dev’s out to dry analyzing every scrap of information we saw and dissecting and pointing fingers…


The problem, at least for me, is if you are not talking, and by that I mean writing, then you are leaving speculation up to us.  Is the game further behind they we hope, will September come and go, is there going to be a Beta before the movie release, are there spoilers in the game that tie in to the movie that you can’t talk about.  If you are relying on Twitch streamers and Youtube content creators to do all of your advertising for you, then you are forgetting about a great many people that do not have the time to watch video, but instead only have the luxury of being able to read about things during a lunch break.  So please





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