Secret datamined patch notes

Complete Challenge mode silver to unlock bonus levels in Candy Crush Saga, Gold to unlock bonus cow level in Dialblo 3 reaper of Souls.

Complete Proving Grounds silver to unlock a bonus weapon for Starcraft, Proving Grounds gold to get special armor skin for Overwatch.

Complete all Challenge Dungeons with a gold rating and Proving Grounds with an endless rating to get an invite to Legion Beta.

The Farm at Halfhill in Pandaria, will now be called Farm Heroes Saga, and all Pet Battles will be renamed Pet Rescue Saga.  With special attack abilities unlock when you complete level 200, 400, and 600.  Completing level 1000 grants your pets immortality and they will one shot any opponent, can only be countered by another pet with immortality.

Jewel Crafter’s with the Mining profession will earn bonus lives in Diamond Digger saga.  Additionally completing 100 levels will unlock recipes for +500 to all stats gems.

Those players completing 100 levels of Scrubby Dubby will gain the ability to apply a mute debuff to players in trade chat.  Which can only be dispelled by proper use of the words, your, and there in 5 consecutive sentences.

At this time there are no plans to incorporate any changes to Heroes of the Storm as we feel the format is silly enough to not warrant any incentives.


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